Naval Group Offers to Modernize Hellenic Navy Surface Fleet
Naval Group Offers to Modernize Hellenic Navy Surface Fleet

Naval Group Offers to Modernize Hellenic Navy Surface Fleet

Naval Group submitted as part of the French Team with MBDA and Thales a new offer for the modernisation of the surface fleet of the Hellenic Navy. The French Team’s offer is a comprehensive and robust package designed to ensure Greece has the best capabilities in the shortest timeframe with optimised costs and includes:
• 4 FDI HN – the most modern frigate – 3 built in Greece and the 1st in service by 2025 along with a Gap filler solution of 2 frigates available in early 2022
• the modernisation of the MEKO frigates in Greece
• an ambitious Hellenic Industry Participation (HIP)

The FDI HN is the only frigate offered to the Hellenic Navy capable of protecting efficiently high value units or area at sea, shore facilities, cities and Greek islands. The FDI HN will be a power and sovereignty asset for Greece. Fitted with up to 32 ASTER missiles or with a combination of ASTER and MICA NG missiles, 21 RAM, 8 Exocet MM 40 B 3, MU 90 lightweight torpedoes and 76 mm gun, she offers unrivalled capabilities for the permanent control of air and sea space and autonomy of action, in support of the political and military objectives set. Like all Naval Group frigates, the FDI HN will be fully interoperable with NATO and EU Navies’ fleets. She will be capable of assuming all multimission roles within any kind of allied fleet and within the HN fleet.

Beyond reinforcing the strong ties between France and Greece, the French offer addresses all the current and future needs of the Hellenic Navy with a comprehensive package based on the FDI HN, the best frigate of her category but also the first modern one already available. With this global package of modern frigates equipped with the most advanced Sea Fire radar and missiles systems respectively provided by Thales and MBDA, the solution for the MEKO modernisation and the Gap Filler, the French Team will ensure that HN capabilities are enhanced to meet immediate and future needs while creating and sustaining jobs and economic benefits for the country over decades to come.

The FDI HN is a compendium of the best technologies from the European defence industries Thales, MBDA and Naval Group. The Aster missiles onboard can be engaged very quickly in all directions and ensure an unmatched hit-to-kill capability, making it possible to defeat saturating attacks.
The FDI frigate has been designed to be equipped as growth potential with Naval Cruise Missiles, a Deep Strike capability unique in the market proposed by Naval Group and able to deal with the latest threats. The first FDI HN will be delivered in 2025 meaning that the needs of the HN will be addressed very quickly and Naval Group offers a risk-free solution for the construction of the 3 other FDI HN in Greece, by Greek shipyards, on time, and with the same quality and performances as the first of class.

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