Russian Helicopter Mi-28NE Night Hunter
Russian Helicopter Mi-28NE Night Hunter

Mi and Ka Russian Military Helicopters to Receive a Unified Engine Design

The United Engine Corporation (UEC, part of the Rostec State Corporation) has launched mass production of the VK-2500P engine designed for the modern Mi-28NM attack helicopter. The engine can also be installed in all other types of Mi and Ka military helicopters. The popular Russian Ka-32 helicopter will receive a new VK-2500PS-02 engine. “At the end of 2020, UEC-Klimov (part of the UEC) got down to developing the VK-2500PS-02 engine for modernized Ka-32 helicopters. The engine should expand the possibilities for operating the helicopter with external suspension, in particular, when skidding during forestry work, fire extinguishing and other tasks”, Shmotin informed.

“We produced several dozen VK-2500P engines already while developing the Mi-28NM helicopter. Full-scale serial production of the engine at UEC-Klimov (part of the UEC) began in late 2020. The engine is designed to be installed to all types of Mi and Ka helicopters without the need for additional modifications, General Designer of the UEC, Yuri Shmotin informed. He also reminded that the VK-2500P engine has successfully passed all state tests. “Last year, VK-2500P successfully completed state tests for the Russian Ministry of Defense. We are currently working on increasing its service life to 12,000 hours”, Shmotin added.

The VK-2500P engine is the latest modification of the VK-2500 engine produced by UEC-Klimov. The Klimov Company provides a full range of support services including the overhaul of VK-2500 engines. In fact, TV3-117 engines delivered for repair or overhaul may be upgraded to VK-2500 for a drastic improvement in helicopter performance. Since 2015, the company has produced more than 600 engines of the VK-2500 series. Thanks to the improved performance of the VK-2500 engine the helicopter ceiling increases by 30%, the rate of climb by 50% and the payload, depending on the helicopter model, by 1,000 – 2,000 kg. The engine also improves the speed and maneuverability of the helicopter.

Klimov VK-2500 Engine