Spanish Company SCR Awarded Contract with Estonia for Aerial Targets

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia has recently signed a framework agreement whereby the Spanish company SCR will supply aerial targets and provide services with them. It is a seven-year contract, awarded by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments, that includes the acquisition of aerial targets and the provision of operation and training services by the SCR team in collaboration with the local company Bristol Trust OÜ.

José Antonio Ceballos, managing director of SCR, emphasized that “it is extremely gratifying that the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments has chosen our products for its next services with aerial targets. Armed Forces from across the globe have placed their trust in us since SCR’ foundation in 1994 and it is our greatest reference. We are continuously improving our offers to provide our clients with the best solutions, in both target and UAS area”.

SCRAB II twin turbine target drone. (Photo by SRC)

The SCRAB II is a target drone powered by twin turbines. Its propulsion consists of two turbines operated autonomously by the onboard electronics of the target drone itself. The power of this configuration provides the SCRAB II with remarkable flight capacities, reaching speeds of up to 120 m/s. The reliability of this target drone’s communications, which reach radio link distances of up to 100 km, are outstanding. Finally, it uses standard aviation fuels (Jet A-1, JP5, JP8).

The European country’s Armed Forces will start using SCR’s target drones in May, when the first service within this framework contract is scheduled. Thanks to this agreement, the company, based in Madrid (Spain), reinforces its international presence. In total, SCR’s targets are already serving in 15 different countries. Over 25 years of experience in aerial target design and manufacture. SCR has been designing and producing target drones for clients around the world for over 25 years.

SCRAB II twin turbine target drone. (Photo by SRC)