Eurenco Finalises Qualification of Its New Modular Charge for 155 mm Artillery Systems

EURENCO announces the qualification of a new 155mm modular artillery charge after a development achieved in less than 18 months. This new product is the result of the expertise, experience and innovation of the EURENCO Bergerac (France) and Karlskoga (Sweden) teams. It uses for the first time the 3D printing of energetic materials and is produced on a robotized line allowing the production in very large series, thus allowing to reconcile performance, quality and competitiveness. By expanding its current offer, EURENCO aims to gain access to the main 155 mm artillery systems installed.

100% owned by SNPE, which itself is a subsidiary of GIAT Industries (mother company of NEXTER), EURENCO is a European company whose industrial plants are located across France – in Sorgues (Vaucluse) and Bergerac (Dordogne) – Belgium and Sweden. EURENCO is a strategic supplier for several countries in the continent – particularly those where it is established, but also Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland – while also developing its overseas export sales. EURENCO employs over 900 people, with a turnover of about 220 million Euros (2014).


Created in January 2004 from the merger between SNPE Explosives & Propellants, NEXPLO Bofors and NEXPLO Vihtavuori, EURENCO inherited its parents’ centuries of in-depth knowledge of energetic materials. Widely acknowledged for its high level of expertise and know-how in chemical synthesis and transformation of energetic molecules, EURENCO develops, manufactures and provides a largely diversified range of cutting-edge energetic materials for both the defence and the commercial markets.

A leading European company for military explosives, propellants and combustible items, EURENCO also provides explosives for the civil sector (oil & gas perforation, mining), and owns the world’s largest production capacity for 2-EHN (diesel fuel additive). Laboratories, pilot workshops, multi-purpose units and large scale facilities, all contribute to strengthening EURENCO’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, allowing small scale to mass production.

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