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Istanbul Naval Shipyard Laid Keel Of Pakistan Navy’s Third MILGEM Class Corvette


Istanbul Naval Shipyard Laid Keel Of Pakistan Navy’s Third MILGEM Class Corvette

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Keel laying ceremony of the second MILGEM Class Corvette being constructed for the Pakistan Navy was held today at Istanbul Naval Shipyard (INSY), Turkey. Commodore Ehsan Ahmed Khan, Chief Naval Overseer (Turkey) of Pakistan Navy stationed at Istanbul Naval Shipyard was the chief guest. Senior management of M/s ASFAT, INSY, representatives from Turkish Lloyed and other dignitaries as well as Naval Attache of Pakistan Embassy Ankara Captain Mazhar Bashir attended the ceremony. The event marked an important milestone in the construction schedule for the 2nd MILGEM Corvette for the Pakistan Navy.

On 5 July 2018, Pakistani military’s ISPR announced that a Turkish firm has won the tender to build four MILGEM corvettes for the Pakistan Navy. The class is being designed through the expertise gained by Pakistan under the MILGEM project. Pakistan Navy has concluded a contract with M/s ASFAT for construction of four corvettes out of which two are being constructed at INSY whereas the remaining two are being constructed at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works. Under the agreement, the fourth ship will be entirely designed and constructed in Pakistan which will become first Jinnah-class frigate.

Istanbul Naval Shipyard Laid Keel Of Pakistan Navy's Third MILGEM Class Corvette
Istanbul Naval Shipyard Laid Keel Of Pakistan Navy’s Third MILGEM Class Corvette

Four of the fifteen MILGEM project ships are classified as the Ada-class corvette, while another four of them, classified as the TF-100-class frigate, will be equipped with additional weapon systems. It features a slightly longer hull and the Mk.41 VLS, capable of firing Atmaca, HISAR, RIM-66 Standard, RIM-162 ESSM and VL ASROC missiles, along with other systems for improved multi-role capabilities. The experience and technological know-how gained with the MILGEM project will play an important role in determining the design characteristics and the development process of the TF2000-class frigates.

MILGEM Class Corvette will be the most technologically advanced surface platforms of the Pakistan Navy fleet. Keel Laying ceremony of third MILGEM class warship held. The warship will complete in 2024. The induction of MILGEM corvettes will significantly enhance maritime defence and deterrence capabilities of Pakistan Navy which will ensure secure and stable seas. These corvettes will become a core element of Pakistan Navy’s kinetic response to traditional and non-traditional challenges and to maintain balance of power in the Indian Ocean Region.

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