M2A2 Operation Desert Storm (ODS) Bradley Fighting vehicles
M2A2 Operation Desert Storm (ODS) Bradley Fighting vehicles

Point Blank Enterprises Submits Proposal for US Army OMFV to Replace Bradley IFV

Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. announced that it has submitted a proposal for the U.S. Army’s concept design phase of the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program. The OMFV is intended to replace the aging Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle fleet. The PBE design concept eclipses near-peer capabilities with the ability to continuously transform and maintain supremacy for generations to come. For over 48 years, Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. has been an industry leading defense contractor and innovator of advanced products and designs engineered to maximize user survivability.

Frank Jones, Chief Technology Officer for Keshik Mobile Power Systems, Inc., (“KPMS”), says, “The team’s concept design will help fully inform the U.S. Army of what is possible today for the next generation fighting vehicle with a truly modular and technology-agnostic open systems approach for power, information, and physical architectures. The OMFV design concept PBE has proposed will fully enable the Army to rapidly adapt and scale the platform to emerging threats, changing missions, embedding the ability to integrate the never ceasing evolution of new defense technologies as they become available.”


Keshik’s CEO BG (Ret.) James Blackburn added, “Keshik’s aim is to augment the capabilities of future warfighters with a transformational fighting vehicle platform that leverages robust mobility and agility through a distributed redundant hybrid electric drive train, best-in-class survivability, unprecedented exportable electric power, and scalability for maturing cross domain operational flexibility in real time.

The U.S. Army is launching a phase for the concept design of its future Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle, which is intended to replace the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Since the service bungled its original attempt to hold a competition for the OMFV program, the Army has reconfigured the effort into one that lets industry dictate much of what is in the realm of the possible. The service plans to spend $4.6 billion from fiscal 2022 through FY26 on OMFV so it is turning to industry input earlier and more than ever.

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