Canadian Army LAV 6.0 (Light Armoured Vehicle 6.0)
Canadian Army LAV 6.0 (Light Armoured Vehicle 6.0)

Galvion Delivers First Silent Watch Battery Packs (SWBP) for Canadian Army LRSS LAV 6.0

Galvion is pleased to announce the first delivery of Symbasys Swatpackâ„¢ modular battery systems to General Dynamic Land Systems-Canada for use in the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) Reconnaissance Surveillance System (LRSS). The LRSS LAV 6.0 will replace the Coyote LAV vehicle providing the Canadian Army with state-of-the art technology for advanced target detection, recognition and identification. Galvion looks forward to delivering the balance SWBP systems to GDLS Canada and is proud to be a part of this ground-breaking program for the Canadian Army.

“Our experience integrating Li-Ion batteries into military applications, and our long-standing partnership with Kokam, a world leader in lithium-ion cell manufacturing, were key in successfully engineering the optimum balance of technology, performance and safety required to meet all of the operational needs for this program,” said Peter Rafferty, Galvion’s V.P. of Platform Power. “Many years of development and a rigorous qualification program carried out over the past two years culminate in Galvion being able to deliver a unique set of capabilities for the LRSS LAV 6.0 program.”

Galvion's Silent Watch Battery Pack (SWBP)
Galvion’s Silent Watch Battery Pack (SWBP), containing ten (10) Symbasys SwatPackâ„¢ modules, will be mounted on the Canadian Army’s LAV LRSS military vehicles. (Photo by Galvion)

Galvion’s Silent Watch battery solution consists of ten (10) Li-Ion Swatpackâ„¢ 160Ah/4KWh battery modules in a custom-designed ballistic enclosure which is mounted on the LAV 6.0. The 40Kwh system will provide the power to run the mounted surveillance system including cameras, thermal imagers, laser range finders, and other on-board electronic equipment. The robust bespoke solution can power these demanding electronics over extended periods of time, in all conditions, with no thermal or aural signature, preserving the batteries for engine starting.

LAV 6.0 (Light Armoured Vehicle 6.0) is an enhanced version of the LAV III wheeled armoured vehicle developed by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) Canada for the Canadian Army. The LAV 6.0 is equipped with an upgraded, next-generation 6.0 suspension and a 450-hp power pack. It offers enhanced protection provided by its blast-deflecting double-VTM hull and energy attenuating seating, while also improving ingress and egress. The vehicle also features a fully digital electronic architecture with increased electrical generation and situational awareness, improved turret human factors and upgraded sight systems.

Canadian Army LAV 6.0 (Light Armoured Vehicle 6.0)
The Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) 6.0 with state-of-the-art surveillance system. (Photo by General Dynamic Land Systems-Canada)

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