Australian Made Thales Bushmaster MEDIVAC Shipped to Netherlands

Four of the new Australian made MEDIVAC variant Bushmasters have shipped out for service and are headed to our customer in the Netherlands. The vehicles will complement the 98 Bushmasters previously purchased by the Dutch customer between 2006 and 2009, and will be delivered by the middle of 2021. Five vehicles will be the new medivac (Medical Evacuation) variant and one will be an infantry mobility vehicle. In July 2006 the Dutch Government announced an urgent purchase of 25 Bushmasters to equip Royal Netherlands Army units operating in Afghanistan.

The Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle or Infantry Mobility Vehicle is an Australian-built four-wheel drive armoured vehicle. The Bushmaster was primarily designed by the then government-owned Australian Defence Industries (ADI), and is currently produced by Thales Australia with a support contract provided by Oshkosh Truck. The Bushmaster is currently in service with the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Netherlands Army, British Army, Indonesian Army, Japan Ground Self Defense Force, Fiji Infantry Regiment, Jamaica Defence Force and the New Zealand Army.

Netherlands Orders 6 New Bushmasters Protected Mobility Vehicle
Australian Army Ambulance (MEDIVAC/Medical Evacuation) variant

The Bushmaster is a mine protected vehicle and provides a high degree of protection against land mines, using its v-hull monocoque to deflect the blast away from the vehicle and its occupants. The vehicle’s armour provides protection against small arms of up to 7.62 mm ball ammunition, 81mm mortar fragments, Claymore mines, and with additional applique armour, protection for armour-piercing ammunition of up to 7.62mm. The fuel and hydraulic tanks of the vehicle are located outside the crew compartment, while it also has an automatic fire suppression system.

The Bushmaster MEDIVAC is in service with the Australian Army, delivering a reliable, battle proven capability that protects both the crew and transported patients. The well-equipped clinical white space is designed to facilitate on-board patient treatment and extend the golden hour for battle casualties. The large cabin and flexible configuration of the Bushmaster ambulance can accommodate up to 8 people. The rear part of the vehicle can accommodate a medical team, one stretcher patient and 4 seated patients. All of these seating and stretcher positions offer mine blast protection.

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