ECA GROUP Delivers Car and Truck Driving Simulators to Moroccan Defense Administration

ECA GROUP supplies light and heavy vehicles driving simulators to the Moroccan Defense Administration to train their personnel in obtaining a driving licence. The Moroccan Defense Administration renews its confidence in ECA GROUP driving training solutions by acquiring six EF-Car Motion and 8 EF-Trucks. For a decade, ECA GROUP has been supplying driving training solutions to the Moroccan Defense Administration in order to train its personnel on light and heavy vehicle driving.

Switching from EF-CAR to EF-CAR Motion and to EF-Truck New Generation, the Moroccan Defense Administration chooses to add vehicle’s dynamic into consideration when training students. The motion platform allows to recreate with high accuracy the vehicle’s behaviour, adding the sensations of the vehicle for an ever more immersive driving experience. This is particularly relevant on the truck simulator where the limits of the vehicle can thoroughly be felt when doing intricate moves like driving with heavy loads to turning at intersection.

ECA GROUP Simulation Training Systems Truck Driving
ECA GROUP Simulation Training Systems Truck Driving

Following the establishment in 2019 of a mandatory military service, the Moroccan Defense Administration was willing to strengthen its training centers’ capability. The centers equipped with ECA Group simulators will thus provide high quality training for a growing number of trainees, including new recruits on driving the vehicles belonging to the organisation and eventually obtaining their own driving licences.

Particularly satisfied with our EF-CAR simulators delivered across the last decade, ECA GROUP has once again been chosen for its capability to:

  • Deliver a high quality and immersive driving training in a safe and cost effective way;
  • Adapt to local road traffic regulations and signage;
  • The technical reliability of the solution (hard/software and virtual world);
  • The efficiency and responsiveness of its maintenance and support teams.
ECA GROUP Simulation Training Systems Truck Driving
ECA GROUP Simulation Training Systems Truck Driving

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