Lviv Armored Plant Delivers Upgraded T-64 and T-72 Main Battle Tanks to Ukraine Ministry of Defense

Ukraine’s Ukroboronprom company Lviv Armoured Plant State Enterprise handed over a new batch of modernized T-64 and T-72 main battle tanks to the Ukraine Ministry of Defense. In total, since the beginning of 2021, this state-owned enterprise has modernized more than ten T-64 and T-72 vehicles. The main battle tanks are equipped with the latest communication systems and fire control, instrumentation day and night vision reversing camera, smoke grenade systems and dynamic protection against cumulative shells. The tanks were deep overhaul and modernisation. We have included all customer requirements, engineering transmitted in full combat readiness.

It will be recalled that the Lviv Armored Plant repairs and manufactures military equipment, including armored fire engines GPM-72 and GPM-54, armored repair and evacuation vehicles “Lev” and “Zubr” and tactical armored wheeled vehicle “Dozor-B”. The company also overhauls and upgrades T-72, T-64 tanks and a number of special engineering machines. In addition, field repair staff from the plant perform restoration worked on the armoured vehicles at the Joint Forces Operation area and sites where they are stationed. The order was accomplished with ‘limited funding’ due to the lack of a state defence order for this year. However, it was executed ahead of schedule.