Spain’s EXPAL Demonstrates New Dual-EIMOS Mortar System in Cádiz

Spanish defense company EXPAL has carried out a new presentation of its recent development of the onboard Mortar system on Light Vehicle, Dual-EIMOS, through a demonstration exercise that took place on March 3 at the Retín Training Field in Cádiz. Two EXPAL mortar systems participated in the demonstration being operated by different bodies of the Armed Forces that highlighted the ability of their professionals to exploit the interoperability of both systems: the new Dual-EIMOS version, operated by a Marine Infantry crew, and the EIMOS 2018 version, operated by the Spanish Legion Brigade.

The new Dual-EIMOS is an 81mm on-board mortar on a highly mobile 4×4 light tactical vehicle with deep fording capability, automatic fire control and integrated with TALOS C2 System; the Dual-EIMOS has been developed following the Navy’s Requirements and its versatility will be maintained also for terrestrial applications. The new system also maintains the operational advantages of EIMOS 2018, clearly oriented to shoot and scoot, through characteristics such as maneuverability, 360º shooting without the need for additional supports and even in motion, with the aim of providing maximum efficiency in mission, and ensure survivability.

EXPAL Demos New Dual-EIMOS Mortar to Spanish Ministry of Defense
EXPAL Demos New Dual-EIMOS Mortar to Spanish Ministry of Defense

The new mortar system is robustness and survivability, with the capacity for deep fording of up to 1.5m without preparation on the VAMTAC ST5 platform of the Spanish Marine Corps. Increased pointing precision and integration of the latest generation INU and by means of the stress absorption system integrated into the vehicle. Versatility and speed in operation thanks to 360º pointing without changing the position or orientation of the vehicle, and without the deployment of additional elements, allowing high shoot & scoot capacity. Regarding interoperability, Dual-EIMOS incorporates integration with the TALOS command and control system from the previous version.

The EIMOS weapon system features 81mm standard long-range mortar or 60mm mortar, which can be interchanged within three minutes. The 81mm mortar weighs 40kg and can fire at a rate of 25 rounds per minute up to a range of 6.9km. The 60mm mortar weighs 18.85kg and fire at the rate 35 rounds per minute up to range of 4.9km. The weapon system incorporates electric motors with a power output of up to 2kW and duty cycle of less than 10%. It is also fitted with a hydraulic recoil system, with maximum recoil of 30mm, to increase the accuracy and firepower. The recoil absorption system minimises over 90% the forces transmitted from the mortar to the vehicle.

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