Otokar Unveiled Its Electric Armored Vehicle “AKREP IIe”
Otokar Unveiled Its Electric Armored Vehicle “AKREP IIe”

Otokar Unveiled Its Electric Armored Vehicle “AKREP IIe”

One of the regular IDEX participants Otokar, participated in IDEX – 2021, in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates in order to meet with its more than 55 End Users from all over the world. Introducing its electric armored vehicle, AKREP IIe for first time for its international markets, Otokar also displayed its well-known and globally desired wheeled armored vehicles ARMA 6×6 and COBRA II 4×4 as well as the new generation COBRA II MRAP. In addition to the wheeled vehicles, the tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle, SAFA has also taken its place in Otokar stand. Otokar again offered a wide product range to the international markets at IDEX 2021, highlighting its new generation electric powered 4×4 weapon carrier AKREP IIe attributing its legendary AKREP, used in 1990s.

Electrical drive version of AKREP II, AKREP IIe, is a low silhouette and low acoustic platform with low thermal signature. The electric-based power and propulsion results in quicker start with instantaneous high torque for increased mobility. Due to the “Drive-by-Wire” system of electrically controlled steering, acceleration, and braking functions, AKREP IIe appears in the market as technically feasible platform for being remotely controlled or driving assistance system applications including autonomous capabilities. AKREP II combines latest automotive technologies, high firepower and protection in a low silhouette. Having an effective firepower under amour and high payload capacity, AKREP II comfortably carries turrets up to 90mm cannon.

Otokar Akrep IIe 4x4 Electric Armored Vehicle
Otokar Akrep IIe 4×4 Electric Armored Vehicle

Being smaller in size and lesser in weight highly contribute to the agility of low silhouette AKREP II. Steering capability on all–axles significantly increases the maneuverability of four-wheel drive AKREP II. Thanks to the independent suspension system and swift torque control, AKREP II can operate with equal ease on all challenging terrain conditions, no matter soft sand, deep mud, and snow. AKREP II can carry total of 3 crew, driver, commander and gunner at a maximum speed of 110 km per hour. Like all other OTOKAR vehicles, the electronic system of AKREP II is also designed with an open system architecture where the electronic and human interface can be configured according to customer requirements. AKREP II is an ideal solution for reconnaissance, scouting, surveillance, and base / air defense missions with quick reaction and silent mobility capabilities.

Akrep (“Scorpion”) is a Turkish infantry mobility vehicle developed by Otokar Otobus Karoseri Sanayi AS. The first prototypes were completed in May 1993 and the first vehicles came off the production line in June 1994. In addition to light reconnaissance, the vehicles were used for escort, perimeter control, counter-insurgency, and light attack. The Akrep represented the latest offering in Otokar’s portfolio of light vehicles for both civilian and military markets. Note that otokar comes from French autocar (autobus being another synonym more common in French and other languages, it may even be absent some languages using only bus or autobus) and designs busses that also can transport luggage (at the lower level). Passengers being at the higher level.

Otokar Unveiled Its Electric Armored Vehicle AKREP IIe
Otokar Unveiled Its Electric Armored Vehicle “AKREP IIe”

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