Sarsılmaz's SAR 762 MT-type 12.7 mm heavy machine guns

Turkish Army to Get New Indigenous Heavy Machine Guns to Inventory

Sarsılmaz’s SAR 762 MT-type 12.7 mm heavy machine guns has successfully passed all test stages and is now ready for mass production. The SAR 762 is a 12.7 mm heavy machine guns manufactured by Turkish small-arms manufacturers, Sarsılmaz. The first batch of SART 762 MTs would soon be delivered to Turkish armed forces. The heavy machine guns with a 1,200-meter range (3,900-feet) will contribute to Turkey’s anti-terror efforts. One of its most important features is its quick-changeable barrel. It will give opportunity to fire more frequently, The SAR 762 be used by infantry teams and can be mounted on various armored vehicles, including main battle tanks. This weapons will have an important role in turkey defense capabilities. It will also eliminate turky dependency to foreigners.

Sarsilmaz Firearms Corp. is a privately owned small arms manufacturer based in Düzce, Turkey. The company was founded in 1880 in the Ottoman Empire, and is the largest small arms manufacturer in Turkey. Sarsilmaz is the official pistol supplier, and produces many of the small arms for the Turkish National Police and the Turkish Armed Forces, and exports firearms to 78 countries. Sarsilmaz firearms were formerly imported into the United States by E.A.A. In 2018 Sarsilmaz founded SAR USA to be the exclusive importer and distributor for Sarsilmaz firearms into the United States. The companies’ SAR9 pistol won the Reader’s Choice Gold Award of U.S. Tactical Retailer defense magazine in February. It was its second award in the handgun category since the beginning of this year.

Sarsılmaz’s SAR 762 MT-type 12.7 mm heavy machine guns