Milrem Robotics Rolls Out New Medium Class Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV)

Milrem Robotics and John Cockerill Defense MoU for Robotic Combat Systems

Milrem Robotics and John Cockerill Defense signed this 18th February a Memorandum of Understanding, committing the two companies to mutual development and technical coordination in the area of robotics; specifically, for the development of mobile lethality systems as they apply to robotic or unmanned ground vehicles. The agreement is wider than just providing for the firing of a lethality system from a robotic vehicle but involves the technologies that will allow the implementation of such systems into manned unit formations. An example of innovation to fight against insecurity. Both company are excited to be mutually developing a vision for a wingman vehicle that adds to the combat capability, flexibility and firepower of conventional units. The Milrem Robotics / John Cockerill Defense team looks to be at the vanguard of the European Shared Defense Technologies.

Milrem Robotics also exhibited their Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle for the first time at John Cockerill’s at stand no B18 in hall 12, IDEX 2021. The Type-X RCV is designed to support mechanized units and will become an intelligent wingman to main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. It will be capable of taking on the most dangerous tasks and positions, resulting in lower lethality risk. The robotic combat vehicle can be fitted with a cannon up to 50 mm hence it will provide equal or overmatching firepower and tactical usage to a unit equipped with Infantry Fighting vehicles. Milrem Robotics’ RCV will be equipped with intelligent functions such as follow-me, waypoint navigation and obstacle detection. Artificial Intelligence will also be part of the algorithms. However, the true innovation will be Milrem’s totally new and innovative approach to allow remote-controlled operations at higher speeds.

The vehicle’s maximum speed is 80 km/h on paved roads and 50 km/h off-road. The low weight of 12 tons of the Type-X and high power with efficient power management provide a superior terrain capability and its low height of 2.2 m and a rear engine provide low visual and heat signature. To create the Type-X Milrem Robotics utilized its knowledge gained from developing its THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle, intended to support dismounted troops, that has been acquired by ten countries, including seven NATO members: France, Norway, the UK, Germany, Estonia, and the US. Milrem Robotics is the European leading robotics and autonomous systems developer and the leader of iMUGS – a 32,6 MEUR project funded from the European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) to develop a European standardized unmanned ground system.

Milrem Type X with Cockerill Protected Weapon Station (CPWS) Gen. 2

Kuldar Vaarsi; CEO of Milrem Robotics: “The role of robotics will be to augment manned units and provide superior situational awareness, mobility and firepower. Robotic combat systems will help keep our troops from harm’s way. John Cockerill Defense is an exceptional lethality systems provider with clear understanding of new requirements arising from robotic platforms. Closer cooperation helps us jointly improve the efficiency of future robotic combat systems.”
Thierry Renaudin, President of John Cockerill Defense: “We at John Cockerill are enthusiastic about working together with Milrem Robotics. They have shown themselves to be fully committed to the unmanned ground vehicle concept, both for civilian and military use. A company with this laser focus gives us a glimpse into the future roles and missions of these technologies. I am excited to look around the corner at the future of armored vehicles.”

Milrem Robotics is the European leading robotics and autonomous systems developer with offices in Estonia, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. The company’s flagship product the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle has altogether been delivered to ten countries of which seven are NATO members, including France, Norway, the UK, and US. Milrem Robotics recently launched the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle, intended to support mechanized units. Milrem Robotics is also the leader of a consortium that was awarded 30,6 MEUR from the European Commission’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) to develop a European standardized unmanned ground system (UGS). During the project, titled iMUGS, a modular and scalable architecture for hybrid manned unmanned systems will be developed to standardize a European wide ecosystem for aerial and ground platforms, command, control and communication equipment, sensors, payloads, and algorithms.

Member of the bicentennial John Cockerill Group, John Cockerill Defense is the technological leader in multifunctional, high-effect turrets in the 25-120mm range for light and medium weight armored vehicles. John Cockerill, formerly Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI),is a mechanical engineering group headquartered in Seraing, Belgium. In 2004, the company was renamed Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (CMI),[5] then it changed back to its original name John Cockerill in May 2019. John Cockerill Defense develops and integrates complete and innovative solutions: design, production, integration and upgrade of weapons systems, operational and tactical training, Agueris® simulation systems (virtual immersive, mobile, embedded and inter-connectable), through-life support and innovative functionalities. Marketed under the Cockerill® brand, John Cockerill Defense weapons systems combine superior firepower and lightweight for highmobility armored vehicles, guaranteeing performance and protection.