First Brazilian-Built Submarine Riachuelo (S 40) Begins Sea Trials
First Brazilian-Built Submarine Riachuelo (S 40) Begins Sea Trials

Indonesian Navy’s Submarine Fleet Expands with Tupi-class and Riachuelo-class submarine

The Indonesian Navy is in the process of expanding its submarine fleet, considering both new and used submarines for its plan. The original requirement for 12 submarines by 2024 as stipulated under the blueprint has now been reduced to eight. Indonesia has announced that it is in the advanced phase of negotiations with the Brazilian government regarding the purchase of used two Tupi-class (German Type 209/1400) diesel electric submarines from the Brazilian Navy. The Indonesia Navy has two Cakra-class (German-made Type 209/1300) and three Nagapasa-class (South Korean-made Type 209/1400). It also has an existing contract for 3 more Nagapasa-class with South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering.

Officials from Indonesia’s defence ministry are in discussions with a consortium led by French shipbuilder Naval Group for a possible order of the Riachuelo (Modified Scorpene)-class submarine, separate industry sources close to the talks have reported with Janes. The discussion is the latest development in what has been a series of sporadic talks between Indonesian defence planners and Naval Group since 2016, when Jakarta first indicated its interest in the Scorpene 1000 vessel type for its naval requirements. Besides technical discussions, the talks with Naval Group and its consortium also touched upon financing options and opportunities for technology transfer agreements between French and Indonesian defence companies.

The Brazilian Navy Tupi Class Submarine

In 1984 Brazil contracted with Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft for six Tupi class submarines to the Type 1400 subvariant of the U-209 model, the first built in Kiel and the other five in Rio de Janeiro. The Tupi class boats operate from Moncangue island’s Base Almirante Castro e Silva across the bay from Rio. The Tupi-class submarines, which have been in service with the Brazilian Navy since the late 1980s, are in the process of being sold by Brazil as it starts to commission tht Riachuello-classsubmarines to replace them. Indonesia is among a few countries interested in the submarines, with other countries being Argentina and Peru

The Riachuelo class is a 1,800-tonne Brazilian Scorpène-class submarine built for the Brazilian Navy by DCNS in Cherbourg and ICN in Itaguaí, Brazil. The submarines, four of which were ordered for the Brazilian Navy in 2009.are larger in length, tonnage and cargo capacity compared to the original French project. The Brazilian version are 75 m (246 ft) and 2,000 tons, compared to the original Scorpènes that are 61.7 m (202 ft) and 1,565 tons. It is capable of deploying F21 heavyweight torpedoes and MBDA Exocet SM39 Block 2 Mod 2 missiles via 533 mm tubes, and is capable of diving up to 350 m. The first-of-class was launched by Naval Group in December 2018, while the final boat is scheduled to enter the water in 2022.

The Brazilian Navy Riachuelo Class Submarine