Hanwha Defense Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS)

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Hanwha Defense has developed RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Station) that enables daytime and nighttime tracking as well as remote firing capabilities for various platforms. A lightweight version of the system was designed to be attached to tanks, armored vehicles, and light tactical vehicles, armed with the K6 or K4 machine gun. K6 is a 12.7 × 99 mm Browning M2HB with additional modification in use with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. K4 is a 40x53mm high-speed Automatic Grenade Launcher in use with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. K6 and K4 machine guns fitted with the surveillance targeting system on the upper deck of the Korean Assault Amphibious Vehicle.

Hanwha Defense RCWS – Tanks and Armored Vehicles(Multiple Weapon Combination)

The 12.7mm Remote Firing Control System was developed for use with naval vessels and is operated in close-quarter defense situations on patrol boats, gunboats, and battleships. The system is attached to a K6 machine gun on the exterior of the vessel and is remotely controlled from within the interior of the vessel. The equipment enables automatic tracking and, when necessary, firing even while mobile. Hanwha Defense has successfully achieved vessel integration for future gunboats and harbor patrol boats for the first time in the domestic market, and these are currently being utilized in the field by the Korean Naval Forces. Accurate automatic targeting of enemy threats is possible even while stationary.

Hanwha Defense RCWS – Naval Vessels