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Turkish Company BMC Unveils New ZMA 8×8 Armored Vehicle


Turkish Company BMC Unveils New ZMA 8×8 Armored Vehicle

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Turkish Company BMC Unveils New ZMA 8x8 Armored Vehicle
Turkish Company BMC Unveils New ZMA 8x8 Armored Vehicle

The Turkish company BMC has unveiled a new 8×8 armored vehicle dubbed ZMA. BMC has not yet made an official statement about the 8 × 8 ACV it developed. The new vehicle has been developed under the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles (YNHZA) Project for the Turkish Army. Within the scope of the YNHZA project, it is planned to supply 6 tracked and wheeled (6 × 8 and 8 × 52) 2962 types of vehicles. In this context, it will not be surprising for BMC to work on and / or introduce a palletized ACV design. The ZMA 8×8 armored vehicle has a weight of 30 tons and is powered by an Azra 600 hp engine also developed by the company BMC.

The ZMA 8×8 armored vehicle is fitted with the unmanned turret Korhan developed by the Turkish company Aselsan. The Korhan unmanned weapon station is armed with one 35mm automatic cannon made by the Turkish company MKE. The KORHAN system also has the ability to use the 35 mm Airburst Ammunition developed and produced domestically by ASELSAN. For the main gun, there are 100 ammunitions available in the turret and 200 spare ammunition are stored in the vehicle. Loading of spare ammunitions into the turret is done under armor protection in the vehicle. The system also has a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted co-axial with the main gun for self-defense against close threats from the land.

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Established in 1964, BMC manufactured more than 300.000 vehicles to date and provided a 10 billion dollar added value to the Turkish economy with export operations for more than 80 countries. As one of the main commercial and military vehicle manufacturers in Turkey, BMC offers special solutions for automotive and defence industries with its 250.000 m2 modern facilities in İzmir Pınarbaşı, wide product range, qualified workforce and high production capacity. With a dynamic and powerful Human Resource with more than 2.500 employees, BMC owns all its solutions ranging from design to R & D, and from production to sales marketing and after sales services.

BMC Pınarbaşı Factory is designed with the flexibility to manufacture many commercial and defence industry vehicles with different configurations ranging from buses to trucks, and from armored vehicles protected against mines to tactical wheeled vehicles. All performance tests for the prototypes developed with superior engineering capabilities and advanced manufacturing technology are performed according to the international standards. BMC offers Turkey wide maintenance and repair services with its powerful dealer network and expert authorized services and continues manufacturing strong, reliable and environment friendly vehicles by closely following sectoral changes.

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