Russian Counter-UAV Systems

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Russian air defense systems, electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance, command and control systems are effectively applied to counter hostile drones. This is a short overview of existing systems available for counter-UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) tasks: Repellent electronic warfare complex, Kupol and Rubezh-Avtomatika complexes, Pischal electromagnetic gun, Pantsir-S1 AAMGS, Tor-M2E ADMS, Verba and Igla-S MANPADS, Gibka-S combat vehicle of MANPADS squad, Barnaul-T scope, Polyana-D4M1 C4ISR, P-18-2 radar , Podlet-E and other radar systems.

Repellent Electronic Warfare

The Repellent system is designed for signal intelligence of UAVs and suppression of their control systems. The system provides for: detection and direction finding of UAVs data transmission and control systems; UAVs signal parameters tracking; statistical processing of signal parameters, formulation of classification attributes, signal intelligence database support and signal classification; electronic suppression of UAVs data transmission and control channels and ground control stations. It may be in both mobile and stationary versions.

Pantsir-S1 Anti-Aircraft Missile and Gun System (AAMGS)

Pantsir-S1 Anti-Aircraft Missile and Gun System (AAMGS) is designed for air defense of small military and administrative-industrial facilities and areas, including mobile ones, against fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, cruise missiles, and precision munitions as well as for strengthening air defense units against massive air strikes. Pantsir-S1″ AAMGS is distinguished by the presence of combined missile-cannon weapons, a short reaction time and the ability of a combat vehicle to conduct reconnaissance and destruction of air targets in motion.

Tor-M2E Air Defense Missile System (ADMS)

Tor-M2 Air Defense Missile System (ADMS) is designed to defeat fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, aerodynamic unmanned aerial vehicles, guided missiles, and other elements of precision munitions at medium, low and extremely low altitudes in contested air and jamming environment. Tor-M2 ADMS is distinguished by high firepower, noise immunity, short time for putting into combat readiness and the possibility of autonomous use of a combat unit. The missile system has the following modifications: Tor-M2E (tracked base); Tor-M2K (wheeled base) and Tor-M2KM (modular design).

Igla-S Man-portable Air Defense System ( MANPADS)

Igla-S and Verba man-portable air defense system ( MANPADS) are designed to defeat all types of visible fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft on head-on and in pursuit courses as well as small aerial targets like cruise missiles around the clock under induced thermal and background noise. Igla-S and Verba are the latest Russian MANPADS with enhanced capabilities when firing at targets with low levels of thermal radiation and a reduced consumption of missiles when destroying various targets.

Gibka-S Combat vehicle of MANPADS squad

Gibka-S is capable of firing “Igla-S” or “Verba” MANPADS, in motion including. It provides high automation of combat work and round-the-clock combat use. “Gibka-S” combat vehicle of MANPADS squad is designed for air defense of combined armed units in all types of combat, on march including; protection of small and point military, industrial, and infrastructure facilities against cruise missiles and other means of air attack flying at low and extremely low altitudes.

Barnaul-T Air Defence Units

The modular system of the “Barnaul-T” basic set provides formation of a multi-level automated system of AD control posts from a large unit to an individual soldier in order to control air defence combat. The “Barnaul-T” automation set can be interfaced with radars, high-level command posts, short-range AD system control posts. It provides firing units with well-timed target designations when in combat. The elements of the “Barnaul-T” basic set are used to equip: the air defence control centre at the formation (division, brigade) level and the MANPADS operators section.

P-18-2 Surveillance and targeting radar

P-18-2 radar is highly mobile and able to receive additional (flight) information from airborne transponders using the integrated secondary radars. Mobile 2D surveillance and targeting radar P-18-2 is designed for: detection, tracking, coordinates measurement (distance and azimuth), and state attribution of various flying objects in demanding active and passive jamming environment, active noise jammer direction finding. P-18-2 radar has enhanced capabilities for detecting targets, which use the Stealth technology. It can be used by radio engineering units.