M1A2 System Enhancement Package Version 3 (SEPv3)
M1A2 System Enhancement Package Version 3 (SEPv3)

Honeywell International Wins $1.1 Billion for M1 Abrams Tank Gas Turbine Engines

Honeywell International, Phoenix, Arizona, was awarded a $1,105,100,580 modification to contract W56HZV-20-D-0062 for the Automotive Gas Turbine 1500 (AGT1500) engine program. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 30, 2025. It is the main powerplant of the M1 Abrams series of tanks. The engine can use a variety of fuels, including jet fuel, gasoline, diesel and marine diesel. Its features include compact design, cold-starting capabilities, instant power, multi-fuel capabilities and stealthy operation. This engine is the world standard for tank durability and survivability. The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Detroit Arsenal, Michigan, is the contracting activity.

The engine provides 1,500 horsepower to propel the 72 ton tank at speeds up to 42 mph, enabling superior acceleration and mobility. The AGT1500’s reliability and performance has enabled the Abrams vehicle to become a staple of the military arsenal, accumulating more than 40 million miles over the past 25 years. It provides the power, speed, quick acceleration and quiet operation which have earned the M1 such high marks across all military theatres. It has maneuvered more than 39 million operating miles, and demonstrated outstanding in-service reliability through the enhancements introduced through the total integrated engine revitalization (TIGER) program.

Engines designed by Honeywell have been at the forefront of aircraft propulsion since 1953, shaping technological progress in the realms of local, international, agricultural and military aviation, and current engines maintain this tradition. Honeywell’s high-performance, high-power engines are reliable, time-tested, require less maintenance due to a simple, rugged design, operate in the harshest environments, and are fuel efficient. Honeywell’s continuous improvement programs have resulted in engines that provide more power with lower fuel consumption. These improvements increase mission range and payload capabilities over a wider operating spectrum for both civil and military operators: at a competitive price.

Honeywell AGT1500 gas turbine engine