Brazil Navy Launches Second Locally-Built Scorpene Submarine

On Friday 11th December 2020 and in the presence of the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Jaír Bolsonaro, the Marinha do Brazil launched the Humaitá, second Scorpene submarine made in Brazil. During the event, key milestones were also reached for the other units of the series with the integration of the Tonelero (3rd submarine), while the first of class, Riachuelo, is successfully conducting its sea trials. The ceremony celebrates new successful steps forward for all Scorpene submarines of the Prosub Program currently built in Itaguaí by Itaguaí Construçoes Navais (ICN) thanks to a transfer of technology and production from Naval Group. The Scorpene is the conventional submarine designed by Naval Group for export markets.

The Prosub program is a key extension of the strategic defence cooperation agreement signed between France and Brazil in December 2008 in Rio de Janeiro. In 2009, Naval Group was entrusted by the Brazilian Navy with designing and transferring the technology for the local construction of four conventional Scorpene submarines, as well as for the design and manufacturing assistance for the non-nuclear part of Brazil’s first nuclear-powered submarine. The contract also included the design for the construction of a naval base and a shipyard in Brazil. Finally, working with Naval Group and the Brazilian Navy opens new business opportunities and access to new markets for these companies as they can promote their track record on the program and the know-how and experience they gained.

Brazil Navy Launches Second Locally-Built Scorpene Submarine
Brazil Navy Launches Second Locally-Built Scorpene Submarine

In 2009, Brazil purchased four enlarged Scorpènes for US$9.9 billion with a technology transfer agreement and a second agreement to develop a French/Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine. The Brazilian submarine class was given the designation Riachuelo class. The hull of the first S-BR (S40) was laid down at Cherbourg on 27 May 2010 and is to be jumboized at the Brazilian Navy Shipyard in Sepetiba in late 2012. The latter three submarines will be built there entirely, and are planned to be commissioned in 2020, 2021, and 2022. The nuclear-powered submarine Álvaro Alberto is under construction since 2018, with scheduled launch for 2027. Riachuelo was launched on 14 December 2018, and began sea trials in September 2019.

It demonstrates Naval Group’s ability to respond to its clients’ needs and to conduct successful transfers of technology as today 14 Scorpène® submarines are in operational service or being built, for the Chilean Navy (2 units), the Malaysian Navy (2 units), the Indian navy (6 units) and the Brazilian Navy (4 units). Scorpène is ideally suited for action and operational effectiveness. Robust and enduring, it’s an ocean-going submarine also designed for shallow waters operations. Multipurpose, it fulfils the entire scope of missions such as Anti-Surface and Anti-Submarine Warfare, special operations, offensive minelaying and intelligence gathering. Integrating improvements from French Barracuda Class attack submarine, Scorpène has earned a reputation for its stealth, manoeuvrability and inter-operability of systems.

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