U.S. Marine Corps CH53E Super Stallions
U.S. Marine Corps CH53E Super Stallions

Korean Air Lines Wins $278 Million Support Contract for CH-53E and MH-53E Helicopters

Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Yokosuka awarded its second major aircraft maintenance contract of 2020, for its mission partner Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) Western Pacific. The $278 million, eight-year contract was awarded to Korean Air Lines and will enable FRC Western Pacific to provide the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps with depot-level aviation maintenance and support for the CH-53E Super Stallion and MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopters. These series of successes in contracting and partnership between NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka and FRC Western Pacific has dramatically enhanced the readiness of U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy aircraft in the Indo-Pacific Region.

There is limited organic capability to provide full depot-level repair of H-53 aircraft in Yokosuka, Japan. Korean Air Lines capability provides the Naval Aviation Enterprise the ability to repair these aircraft in theater instead of sending them to the U.S. for maintenance, which would add significant cost and time. The H-53 is a workhorse of an aircraft for both the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, so it’s important that U.S. Navy get these powerful machines repaired, and back into service as quickly as possible. This commercial has a proven track record meeting required maintenance timelines with exceptional craftsmanship on the H-53 production line.

MH-53E Sea Dragon
An MH-53E Sea Dragon assigned to Helicopter Mine Counter Measure Squadron (HM) 15 conducts a mine sweeping exercise.

The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is a heavy-lift helicopter operated by the United States military. The less common MH-53E Sea Dragon fills the United States Navy’s need for long-range minesweeping or airborne mine countermeasures missions, and perform heavy-lift duties for the Navy. CH-53 Super Stallion and MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter presence in the region is important to operational readiness. These aircraft were designed and built to conduct mine countermeasure missions and heavy lift. Four CH-53 Super Stallions recently deployed with USS America (LHA 6) offering heavy lift transport, each with capacities up to 55 troops or 30,000 pounds of cargo in cabin, and up to 36,000 pounds of externally slung cargo.

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka (NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka) is the Western Pacific region’s largest U.S. Navy logistics command. From its headquarters off Truman Bay, just 26 miles (41 kilometers) due south of Tokyo, the NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka enterprise networks more than 20 detachments, sites and fuel terminals from Misawa, Japan, to Sydney, Australia; Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to Guam. Together, these detachments and sites provide logistics support to the Navy, Marine Corps, other Department of Defense (DoD) and federal activities within the 7th Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR). NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka is one of eight FLCs under Commander, NAVSUP. Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and employing a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel.

U.S. Marine Corps CH53E Super Stallions
A Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion heavy-lift cargo helicopter takes off the flight deck of USS Makin Island.

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