Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Ashore
Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Ashore

Lockheed Martin Awarded $22 Million for Aegis Ashore Japan

Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, Moorestown, New Jersey, is being awarded a $22,300,000 cost-plus-fixed-fee modification (P00365) under Aegis Combat Weapon System development contract HQ0276-10-C-0001, which covers multiple Aegis Weapon System baselines and platforms. This modification increases the total cumulative contract value by $22,300,000, from $3,211,352,549 to $3,233,652,549; $64,900,000 of which was obligated for Aegis Ashore Japan, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announced on May 18.

Under this modification, the contractor will continue performing engineering design support services necessary for continuation of planning efforts and risk reduction efforts required to maintain initial operational capability schedule to support the Aegis Ashore Japan Foreign Military Sales main case. The work will be performed in Moorestown, New Jersey, with an expected completion date of July 31, 2020. This contract modification is the result of a sole-source acquisition. The Missile Defense Agency, Dahlgren, Virginia, is the contracting activity.


the Japanese Ministry of Defense announced that plans to go ahead with the deployment of a land-based ballistic missile defense installation in Akita prefecture would be canceled. Akita prefecture had been identified as a site for the deployment of one of two Aegis Ashore installations that Japan is procuring to better defend against ballistic missile threats from North Korea. The envisaged site was the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) training area in Akita’s Araya district. Initial reports that the Japanese government had started reconsidering Akita as a deployment area came in December 2019.

Japan is procuring two Aegis Ashore batteries, the land-based variant of the Aegis combat system deployed on surface combatants for defense against ballistic and cruise missiles. The U.S. Department of State approved the sale of the two missile defense system for an estimated $2.15 billion in January 2019. The Aegis Ashore batteries, to be operated by the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF), will be capable of firing the SM-3 Block IIA/Block IB interceptors as well as the supersonic SM-6 missile interceptors. The batteries will be stationed in Japan’s Akita and Yamaguchi prefectures.

Lockheed Martin's Aegis Ashore
Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Ashore is the same proven, low-risk weapon system as “Aegis Afloat,” with more than 40 years of experience transforming to meet evolving threats.

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