Australian Army CH-47 Chinooks Train to Operate from HMAS Adelaide
Australian Army CH-47 Chinooks Train to Operate from HMAS Adelaide The essential training ensures Navy maintains its readiness to conduct the full spectrum of operations, including Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, in support of the Australian public and our neighbours in the region.

Australian Army CH-47 Chinooks Train to Operate from HMAS Adelaide

HMAS Adelaide (L01) Canberra-class landing helicopter dock ships has recently provided a platform for Australian Army CH-47 Chinook helicopters from the 5th Aviation Regiment in Townsville to conduct training at sea. The CH-47 helicopters have been conducting Deck Landing Operations that will qualify them to support any future operations that would require heavy lift capability, both day and night, from the Landing Helicopter Docks (LHDs). HMAS Adelaide Commander Air, Commander Leon Volz said the essential training off the coast of Queensland involved both the Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment and the ship’s own Aviation Support crew.

Leading Seaman Aviation Support Blake Dare marshals an Australian Army CH-47 Chinook on HMAS Adelaide while conducting essential training off the coast of Queensland.

HMAS Adelaide is currently providing the embarked CH-47 element the opportunity for Army aircrew to gain Deck Landing Qualifications as well as providing training and journal progression for new members of the Ship’s Aviation Team. Once the CH-47 aircrew have completed their qualification it will allow 5 Aviation’s CH-47 force to be ready to provide heavy lift capability from the LHDs in support of Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR) and amphibious operations. The embarked Navy MRH and MH-60R aircrew are also using this period of training to maintain and hone their skills to ensure that they are ready to support current and future operations.

As the Royal Australian Navy’s designated High Readiness Vessel, HMAS Adelaide has been conducting helicopter flight trials and amphibious training off the coast of Queensland to ensure the ship and crew remain ready to respond to emergencies.

HMAS Adelaide recommenced essential aviation and amphibious training activities off the coast of Queensland following a scheduled port visit to Townsville to undertake logistical resupply and refuelling. As well as the Deck Landing Operations, Adelaide will support a variety of exercises to maintain capability, including landing craft training, Damage Control routines, assault guide training and Wet and Dry Rehearsals (WADER). Adelaide is currently the Navy’s high-readiness vessel and is available to support humanitarian and disaster relief operations domestically and in the region.

An Australian Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter conducts deck landing practice as part of essential training on board HMAS Adelaide off the coast of Queensland.

The Landing Helicopter Dock first left Sydney on 31 March and has already completed three weeks of successful First of Class Flight Trials (FOCFT) involving MH-60R ‘Romeo’ helicopters. HMAS Adelaide (L01) is the second of two Canberra-class landing helicopter dock (LHD) ships of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Construction of the ship started at Navantia’s Spanish shipyard with steel-cutting in February 2010. The ship was laid down in February 2011, and launched on 4 July 2012. The flight deck can operate six MRH-90-size helicopters or four Chinook-size helicopters simultaneously, in conditions up to Sea State 5.