Russian Strategic Missile Forces (Foliage) 15M107 Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle
Russian Strategic Missile Forces (Foliage) 15M107 Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle

Russia Received Listva Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle

Russian Strategic Missile Forces (Raketnye voyska strategicheskogo naznacheniya) received Listva vehicle. The Listva (Foliage) 15M107 is a remote mine clearing vehicle mounted on Bulat SBA-60-K2 undercarriage (three-axis armored unit 69501 produced by KAMAZ). It searches and neutralizes explosives on the route of Topol, Topol-M and Yars missile launchers, manually and automatically detects remotely controlled mines and neutralizes them. Listva remote-controlled demining vehicle was specially developed for the Strategic Missile Forces and has already proved its effectiveness in the course of the command post exercise with the Novosibirsk missile formation. he vehicle was designed by Globus Bureau in Ryazan and tested at a range near Krasnoarmeisk in Moscow region.

Listva is equipped with devices to search for metal-containing explosives at a speed of 15 km/h and a distance of a hundred meters. A wide-span multi-zone search module with 16 induction sensors is carried in front, as well as electromagnetic situation control equipment. If necessary, mines can be searched for manually. Portable and stationary electronic jamming equipment with a radius of 70 meters is used to prevent unsanctioned detonation of electronic or remotely controlled mines. Electronic mines are neutralized without destruction by a parabolic antenna on the vehicle top with a powerful microwave emission in the whole sector of the vehicle drive and mine clearance width of 50 meters. Listva provided protection against remotely detonated explosives. Cellular phones is often used to explode them. The vehicle can emit impulses imitating cellular phones and other electronic devices.

Russian Strategic Missile Forces are expected to receive new remotely operated combat vehicles and other advanced engineering armaments for improving manoeuvrability and survivability of mobile-based combat missile systems, in two years. The Strategic Missile Forces formations will receive about 20 Listva remote mine clearing vehicles, and about 50 engineering support & concealment vehicles by 2020. More than 300 pieces of engineering equipment are planned to be delivered to the Strategic Missile Forces engineering divisions. Among them there are obstacle removal vehicles, heavy mechanised bridges, excavators, truck cranes and other engineering armaments. More than 50% of the supplied engineering equipment is to be wheeled road vehicles developed specifically for the Strategic Missile Forces this year.

Russian Strategic Missile Forces (Foliage) 15M107Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle