Rolls-Royce powers German Special Mission Wing Global 6000

Rolls-Royce powers German Special Mission Wing Global 6000

The first of three new Rolls-Royce powered Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft for the German Special Air Mission Wing has been handed over to the Federal Ministry of Defence.

The aircraft are powered by BR710 engines, developed and manufactured at the Rolls-Royce Deutschland site in Dahlewitz, Germany. More than 3,400 engines of this type have been delivered to date, having achieved around 13 million flying hours. Later this year the German Air Force will receive the remaining two aircraft.

Scott Shannon, Senior Vice President – Customers, Business Aviation, said: “We are delighted with the trust that the German Federal Ministry of Defence has placed in us. Our proven BR710 engines are already in service with the German Special Air Mission Wing powering its Bombardier Global 5000 fleet and demonstrating their reliability and efficiency on a daily basis. With the recently ordered Airbus A350 XWB aircraft nearly the whole fleet will be powered by Rolls-Royce engines – a success that makes us very proud and that is due to the outstanding performance of our engineers, our manufacturing and assembly workforce, as well as our service teams.”

Rolls-Royce powers German Special Mission Wing Global 6000

Rolls-Royce powers German Special Mission Wing Global 6000

“Bombardier is incredibly pleased that the Luftwaffe will add the Global 6000 aircraft to its fleet,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation. “Our Specialized Aircraft team has built longstanding relationships with governments around the world who trust in the safety and performance of our products.”

The BR710 series has a proven track record with customers all over the world. With its reliability, high performance and efficiency it has established a leading market position. Aircraft powered by these engines have set many records for distance, speed and height. The BR710 was developed in Germany and is being assembled, tested and delivered from the Rolls-Royce Dahlewitz site near Berlin. It entered service in 1997 and excels at take-off and climb performance. This enables the aircraft to reach cruising altitude very quickly, saving both fuel and time.

The engines will be supported by Rolls-Royce’s powerful global services network of 78 Authorised Service Centres, strategically placed on wing service specialists and lease engine storage locations, located at strategic locations around the world.


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