Helisling FC 470 - Zodiac Milpro Official

Helisling FC 470 – Zodiac Milpro Official

The Zodiac Milpro AIRDROP and HELIDROP solutions are developed to deploy rapidly inflatable boats or RIBs from any tactical helicopter or transport aircraft, directly drop with the specific Zodiac Milpro drop packing for the lowest altitudes or using parachute for medium and high altitudes, it ensures the operational state of the boat. These Zodiac Milpro techniques can also be used complementary to UNDERWATER CACHÉ, allowing hiding the boat after the drop. The Zodiac Milpro operational training team course ensures the best knowledge to use efficiently AIRDROP and HELIDROP systems.
Many other specific procedures are also available as helicopter boat recovery or special tactical infiltration.

Helisling FC 470 - Zodiac Milpro Official

Helisling FC 470 – Zodiac Milpro Official

Zodiac Milpro is a French company that manufactures inflatable boats and rigid hull inflatable boats for military and professional users. Headquartered in Paris, France and with manufacturing facilities in Delta, British Columbia, Roses, Spain, and Stevensville, Maryland. Zodiac Milpro used to be a subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace but was spun off in 2007. Zodiac Milpro has originated most of the major concepts that have driven the development of the modern inflatable boat since the 1930s. Since those early days, it has become the main manufacturer of inflatable and semi-rigid boats for professional and military applications.
Video by Zodiacmilpro.com


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