FNSS ACV-19 Armored Combat Vehicle
FNSS ACV-19 Armored Combat Vehicle

FNSS ACV-19 Armored Combat Vehicle

The ACV-19 (Armored Combat Vehicle) is the general name for a class of 15-19 ton, modern high performance vehicles derived from the highly successful FNSS ACV. The vehicle was previously known as the Armoured Combat Vehicle — Stretched. The ACV-19 is a further development of the ACV-15, which is developed from the M113 series of armoured personnel carriers built by United Defense of the United States. The vehicle is in service with Turkey and has obtained export orders from Jordan, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. ACV-19 offers the latest developments in high value vehicle performance for internal volume and payload but maintains the advantages of commonality with ACV family of vehicles. The ACV-19 retains the basic shape of the M113, although it is actually derived from the ACV-300, an infantry fighting vehicle derived itself from the M113

FNSS ACV-19 Armored Combat Vehicle
FNSS ACV-19 Armored Combat Vehicle

The differences between ACV-15 and ACV-19 consist primarily of a longer (stretched) hull (6 road wheels), heavy duty final drives, and more aggressive suspension. The ACV-19 offers more volume under armor, more payload capacity than ACV-15. Consequently, the ACV-19 chassis can support heavier payloads such as larger turrets, without compromising the mobility offered by ACV-15. Additionally, 90% spare parts commonality among ACV-19 and ACV-15 make maintenance more convenient for users of both variants. The ACV-19 chassis are provided with a unique, space laminated armor system combining steel and aluminum technology to provide a high level of armor protection against direct KE threats. Also, the hull provides protection against mines. the vehicle remains air-portable on many western aircraft, including the C-130 Hercules, C-5 Galaxy, C-141 Starlifter, and C-17 Globemaster III.
ACV-19 IFV25
The ACV-19 IFV25 is fitted with a 25 mm one man Sharpshooter Turret and has the capacity of carrying 11 personnel including driver and commander/gunner.

The ACV-19 CFV variant is the Cavalry Fighting Vehicle configuration. It is armed with a two man turret which can be equipped with a 25 mm or 30 mm automatic cannon. The vehicle has the capacity of carrying 7 personnel including driver, commander, gunner and 4 dismounts.

FNSS ACV-19 Armored Combat Vehicle
The LGM-V is a laser guided missile carrier vehicle configuration of the ACV-19 FoV’. 8 rounds of ready to fire laser guided missiles are installed on the remote control missile launcher turret. The missiles are capable of destroying enemy bunkers as well as light and medium armored vehicles. The vehicle has the capacity of carrying 4 personnel and 8 Spare Laser Guided Missiles stored inside the vehicle.

FNSS ACV-19 Armored Combat Vehicle
The TLC variant is the Tracked Logistics Carrier configuration of the ACV-19 FoV’. It is configured with a fully armored driver and crane operator cabin placed in the front left side of the vehicle. An open flat cargo bed is available on the rear to carry loads and logistic supplies. It is equipped with a hydraulic crane to load and unload the heavy materials carried by the vehicle. It is also equipped with a self-recovery winch and a 12.7mm MG fitted on top of the vehicle. It is capable of transporting 6,000 kg of ammunition and general cargo to forward areas in support of field units. The vehicle has a capacity of carrying 2 personnel including driver and a gunner/winch operator.

The AAPC variant is the Advanced Armored Personnel
Carrier configuration of the ACV-19 vehicles.
The vehicle is armed with a 12.7 mm MG and
has the capacity of carrying 13 personnel including
driver, commander and gunner.

The ACV-19 CPV is the Command post variant of
ACV-19 FoV’. It is used as an operational staff officer’s
command post at the Brigade and Battalion
level. It can also be configured as a Fire Direction
Centre. It has the capacity of carrying 8 personnel
including driver, vehicle commander and staff officers.

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