Guardian 2.0 Remote Control Weapons Station (RWS)

Guardian 2.0 Remote Control Weapons Station (RWS)

The Guardian 2.0 is a Remote Control Weapons Station (RWS) for 12.7 mm that could be adapted for 5.56mm and 7.62 mm cannon, lightweight and compact. The system is 2 axes gyro-stabilized and it operates day and night for combat, surveillance, target identification and tracking missions. Specially designed to be integrated in a wide range of platforms and vehicles, this system provides defence capabilities for short and medium ranges with high firing accuracy being a reliable solution against asymmetric threats. The Guardian 2.0 RwS designed and built by the Spanish Company Escribano Mechanical and Engineering.

Guardian 2.0 Remote Control Weapons Station (RWS)

Guardian 2.0 Remote Control Weapons Station (RWS)

The Guardian 2.0 is an RWS for lightweight weapons, such as 12.7 and 7.62 mm machine guns. Through its sensors, it can identify and acquire targets up to the distance of 4.5 km. The sensors include a cooled IR camera, a CCD camera that is capable of detecting targets up to 8 km and recognize them at 4.5 km. The Guardian 2.0 users have the option to integrate a smoke or grenade launcher, an anti-aircraft missile or an acoustic gun detection system. The station is an update of the previous version, already in use with the Spanish Armed Forces, now offering better technical characteristics such as faster reaction time for the gun, better stabilization and the sensors ability to provide improved situational awareness.


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