Leonardo Grifo Airborne Fire Control Radars Family

The Airborne and Space Systems Divisionhas over 60 years of experience and masters all the technologies involved in radar design, development and production. A leader in the airborne radar market, the Company delivers state-of-the-art, modular radar systems. With over 450 units sold and more than 100,000 flight hours, the GRIFO Radar family, a fourth-generation of X-band coherent pulse-doppler multimode fire-control radar, offers advanced performances to new and upgraded aircraft. Thanks to the modular architecture made by a configurable number of compact Line Replaceable Units (LRU), GRIFO can be easily integrated in modern avionic suites and fully interfaced via HOTAS command, for a cost-effective solution.

The GRIFO E is the latest Fire Control E-Scan pulse doppler multimode Airborne Radar, the latest radar of the GRIFO Family. It features a wide set of advanced and up to date capabilities and provides remarkable levels of situational awareness. GRIFO-346 airborne fire control radar is a coherent, pulse Doppler multimode radar operating in X-band. Its modular architecture enables the installation on a wide range of aircraft and the easy integration in modern Avionic Suites and interface via HOTAS command.

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