TOPAZ Automated Fire Command and Control System

TOPAZ Automated Fire Command and Control System

TOPAZ is a fully integrated Combat Management System enhancing situational awareness and providing support in strategy, mission planning. In order to increase the speed of the process of turning informational advantage into faster and more effective military decisions and ensure precise actions with maximum use of all available assets, WB GROUP’s engineers and constructors designed a system enhancing situational awareness and crisis response capabilities according to OODA (Observe Orient Decide Act) loop. Situational awareness, precise and quick data transmission along with security and reliability in the most extreme conditions are crucial on the contemporary battlefield.

WR-40 Langusta self-propelled multiple rocket launcher

WR-40 Langusta self-propelled multiple rocket launcher

TOPAZ ICMS ( integrated combat management system) facilitates an adaptive workflow drawing upon the core elements in battle: overwatch/observation, management/logistics and strike. TOPAZ facilitates the battlefield management at every command level, enables a real-time analysis of information acquired from reconnaissance and observation systems and ensures the precise strike with use of the available loitering munitions systems. The system also enables the control of all logistic assets, including ammunition reserves and technical condition of vehicles by the commander. The key advantage of TOPAZ is its modularity and scalability. This allows to build various configurations that connect all WB GROUP’s products and functions.
Krab self-propelled multiple rocket launcher

Krab self-propelled multiple rocket launcher

WB Group is the creator and manufacturer of the ZZKO TOPAZ system that facilitates command and fire control procedures, also allowing the user to make use of the data provided e.g. by the FlyEye UAVs, in real time. Topaz solution is being utilized by the Polish Armed Forces both in case of the modernized artillery systems: 2S1 Gvozdika, WR-40 Langusta; and, lately, in case of the newly introduced 155 mm Krab self-propelled howitzers and 120 mm Rak self-propelled mortars, with the latter systems being based on the Rosomak APC. Polish-based WB Group is the largest private concern in the defence sector. Technologies offered by the WB Group are based on years of expertise gained during operation of the group’s solutions implemented in Polish armed forces, as well as on long-term cooperation with the most demanding customers all worldwide.


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