SAAB Sirius Passive Sensors
SAAB Sirius Passive Sensors

SAAB Sirius Intelligence Passive Passive Sensors

Sirius is a family of innovative and networked passive sensor systems based on common architecture and with a domain specific edge. It provides a complete synergistic capability for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance – beyond the scope of individual sensors. Saab presents an updated offer based on its Sirius suite of passive sensor systems for the air, land and sea domains. Sirius represents a full range of capabilities based on a common architecture and with a domain-specific edge- for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, beyond the scope of individual sensors. The updated offer starts with an introduction of Sirius land based applications for air and sea surveillance, signals intelligence and Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD), designed with the end-user perspective in mind.

Complete system or complementing legacy Sirius Intelligence includes a complete integrated signals intelligence capability.

Today these systems provide Armed Forces and Intelligence Services around the world with the silent power required to turn signals into knowledge, whilst remaining undetected. Sirius represents multi-domain passive surveillance and signals intelligence gathering capabilities. Operational in all domains, Sirius Intelligence includes a complete integrated signals intelligence capability. It can also be provided as selected subsystems or complementing existing resources. The sub-systems can be tailored to customer requirements including combinations of geographically distributed sensors. The system seamlessly integrates a comprehensive suite of ELINT and COMINT sensors from Saab’s portfolio or third-party sensors.
Sirius-GBAD Passive Sensors for air defence

Sensors complement each other with different characteristics and are optimised for specific tasks. They provide high sensitivity to reach beyond the horizon, high accuracy parameter measurements and wide coverage of the relevant RF spectrum for precision capture of communication and radar signals. Robust and selective algorithms for processing and identification/classification of radar signals allows for automated operation in dense signal environments. A high degree of user-configurable automation enables the operator to focus on critical tasks and supports persistent operation with low personnel footprint during periods of low activity.
Sirius Intelligence Passive Sensor System

In order to achieve accurate information, capabilities beyond individual sensors are required. Sirius Intelligence takes you all the way from detecting signals hiding in the noise to credible knowledge. Both sensors and databases have open interface definitions allowing for easy and flexible integration and data exchange with existing systems. Saab has decades of experience from developing complex systems encompassing passive sensors and data fusion. Today, these systems provide armed forces and intelligence services around the world with the silent power they need to detect, locate and understand signals, without revealing themselves.