Volat MZKT-6922 series
Volat MZKT-6922 series

Volat MZKT-6922 series

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Volat offers the unique comprehensive solutions for its potential customers to convert weapons from crawler platforms to wheel platforms. The MZKT-6922 (Russian: МЗКТ-6922) is a Russian army 6×6 transporter erector launcher designed and developed by the MZKT in Belarus. The 6922 series of standardised hull chassis is designed to carry short-range and medium-range surface-to-air missile systems. It carries Tor and Buk surface-to-air missile systems.The MZKT-6922 series chassis preserved all best features of similar crawler vehicles, with the advantages of wheeled vehicles acquired.

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For more than 60 years, Volat (Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Open Joint Stock Company) designs and makes unique transport solutions for its customers to carry heavy loads on public roads and in difficult terrains. The MWTP OJSC manufactures the equipment in accordance with customers’ individual requirement specifications, from one unit to several hundreds, using the range of accessories as wide as possible, produced both in Belarus and abroad. Volat vehicles proved to be equally well in hot deserts of the Middle East and in frosty areas of the Far North in the Russian Federation.
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In total, the enterprise employs more than 5000 of personnel. Many highly-skilled designers and engineers work in the MWTP OJSC. The MWTP OJSC comprises 10 manufacturing workshops, 3 auxiliary workshops, 25 function-oriented departments, 10 divisions. In 2015, the Neman Automotive Assembly Plant (Neman AAP) is merged into the enterprise structure. Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant is an open joint stock company, with 100% shares being the property of the Republic of Belarus.
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