U.S. Army awards contract to Saab for Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net Systems (ULCANS)

U.S. Army awards contract to Saab for Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net Systems (ULCANS)

U.S. Army awards contract to Saab for Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net Systems (ULCANS)

Saab has announced on 20 November that The U.S. Army has placed a $66 million order to Saab for delivery of the Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net Systems (ULCANS) for ground troops and vehicles. The deliveries are expected to start in 2019 and will run through 2020. ULCANS is designed as a fold-out desert or woodland camouflage netting to conceal vehicles, equipment and troops from visual, infrared and radar scanning. The netting is designed to be non-snagging to prevent rips and can easily be suspended and connected to other sections of netting.

The camouflage net system serves as an advanced, all-weather, signature management concealment system and is designed to be easily used by the soldiers. The multispectral, lightweight and easy-to-handle camouflage screen helps improve force survivability by concealing military objects and providing protection against visual, as well as near-infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar, threats. Offering high reliability for its users, the equipment is the only signature management solution designed and developed entirely in the US specifically to meet the requirements of the US Army troops.

The new order, comprised of both woodland and desert camouflage systems, will ensure that U.S. warfighters are equipped with the most advanced signature management systems available in the world today. Production of the new systems will take place at Saab Defense and Security USA’s business unit Saab Barracuda, based in Lillington, North Carolina. The U.S. Army recently awarded a 10-year $480 million contract to Fibrotex USA for production of the full range of ULCANS camouflage including ground troops, vehicles and equipment.

Saab draws on more than 60 years of experience designing, developing, and producing signature management solutions for the U.S. military and defense customers in more than 50 nations. Saab offers a variety of mobile camouflage solutions. Not only do these solutions protect against hostile sensors and enemy target acquisition, the HeaT Reduction systems also lower the internal temperature of vehicles, thereby extending the endurance of both personnel and electronic equipment


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