NTGS Alakran Mortar Carrier System

NTGS Alakran Mortar Carrier System

The Alakran is one of the world lightest 81 and 120 mm mortar carrier system. The 120mm mortar system is mounted on Toyota chassis Landcruiser but it can be easily integrated on other light vehicles such as Jeep J8 and, Land Rover, or any other pickup vehicle from 1.5 ton payload without the need for structural reinforcements. Since it doesn’t use any recoil absorber system, Alakran is easy to operate and it keeps the traditional mortar tube effectiveness and efficiency. The Alakran by New Technologies Global Systems (NTGS) , a company of the Everis Aerospace and Defense Group.

The Alakran 81 or 120mm mortar carrier system is mounted at the rear of the vehicle, in fire position the mortar is deployed at the rear of the chassis on a base-plate platform, firing 81mm or 120mm rounds and sending the recoil energy directly into the ground. This means there is no need for any vehicle reinforcement, which in turn means that lighter vehicles – both cheaper and transportable by helicopter – can be deployed as mortar carriers. The Alakran uses an aiming electro-mechanical system MAD-1 also developed by the Spanish Company NTGS that allows aiming and shooting in a much faster way, with automatic calculations and by means of radio communications, avoiding shouting orders.

NTGS Alakran Mortar Carrier System

NTGS Alakran Mortar Carrier System

The Alakran mortar system needs only 30 seconds to be ready to fire, two seconds to re-aim after shooting, five seconds to aim at a new target, and 15 seconds to be on the move again. The system can be operated with a crew of two and the vehicle can carried a total of 40 rounds located on storage boxes on each side of the vehicle. This extraordinary capability together with its logistic vehicle appearance makes Alakran a formidable weapon system.

NTGS offers the Alakran system, a solution consisting of a mortar system mounted in a pick up vehicle. Once the shooting location has been reached, the mortar is deployed on the ground by means of a hydraulic system. Then, the mortar is ready to be fired. It is obvious this system offers a faster and more effective shooting. When it is necessary to leave, the vehicle lifts up the mortar and put it back inside. The great advantage in comparison with the traditional weapon is deploying and withdrawing the mortar system takes just few seconds. It is available both integrated in the vehicle or it can be integrated in any vehicle, after some engineering adaptations NTGS will carry out.

NTGS Alakran Mortar Carrier System

NTGS Alakran Mortar Carrier System


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