Norinco - China North Industries Group Corporation
Norinco - China North Industries Group Corporation

Norinco – China North Industries Group Corporation

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The China North Industries Group Corporation Limited officially abbreviated as Norinco, is a Chinese defense corporation that manufactures a diverse range of civil and military products. Norinco was established in 1999 and consists of at least 46 member units which then have several subordinate companies, joint ventures and associate companies. Norinco mainly deals with defense products, petroleum & mineral resources development, international engineering contracting, optronic products, civilian explosives and chemical products, sports arms and equipment, vehicles and logistics operation, etc.

Norinco – China North Industries Group Corporation

Norinco’s main purpose is to research, develop and manufacture weapons and military equipment for the Chinese armed forces. To accomplish this primary task Norinco combines military research objectives with civil development and production enterprises and often the two are difficult to separate. CNGC is also involved in other industries such as mining and petroleum (often overseas) as well as the associated processing industries – which provide raw materials for Norinco and other Chinese companies as well as giving China and Norinco access to international markets. Norinco is one of the world’s largest defense companies and contractors.
Norinco – China North Industries Group Corporation

Norinco produces light and armored vehicles, tanks, aircraft, UAVs, artillery, fuel air bombs, precision strike systems, missiles, air defence and anti-missile systems, air-launched weapons, amphibious assault weapons and equipment, night vision products, long-range suppression weapon systems, machinery, radar, optical-electronic products, engineering equipment, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, infantry equipment, high-effect destruction systems, anti-riot equipment, civil and military firearms and ammunition.

Anti-tank weapons
Type 87 (also known as QLZ87) 35 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL)
Type 69 RPG anti-armor rocket launcher, clone of RPG-7
Type 98 anti-tank rocket 120 mm anti-tank rocket system

23-2K, a version of the Nudelman-Rikhter NR-23 autocannon

Sniper rifles
NDM-86, a version of the Dragunov Sniper Rifle that fires .308 Win. ammo or traditional 7.62×54mmR depending on model
QBU-88 (Type 88), sniper rifle

Submachine guns
NR-08, sub machine gun(SMG), clone of Heckler & Koch MP5.

Norinco – China North Industries Group Corporation

Assault and battle rifles
CQ, clone of M16A1 variant of M16 rifle
CQ-A, clone of M4A1 variant of M4 carbine
CQ-B, clone of M16A4 variant of M16 rifle
M14S or M305, clone of M1A, a civilian version of the M14 rifle
Type 56 Carbine, clone of Russian SKS semi-automatic rifle
Type 56 assault rifle, clone of AK-47
Type 81 assault rifle
Type 86S bullpup assault rifle
QBZ-95 (Type 95), an assault rifle
QBZ-03 (Type 03), an assault rifle
NAR-556/NAR-751 A new multi-caliber rifle solely for export, with 5.56x45mm NATO, 7.62x39mm, and 7.62x51mm NATO conversion kits available. There is also the option of including a single shot 40mm grenade launcher similar in design to the Heckler & Koch M320 GLM.
Norinco – China North Industries Group Corporation

Type 54, clone of TT-33 Pistol
Type 64, pistol
Type 77, pistol
NP50, clone of Smith & Wesson model 64
NRP9 Police Revolver,.38 Special revolver
NP-216, 9x19mm revolver
QSZ-92 (Type 92), pistol
NZ-75, clone of CZ 75 pistol
NP-22 (rename by importer NP226 or NC226) a SIG Sauer P226 pistol first version clone
M-1911A1, clone of Colt M1911A1 pistol (blue version)
M93, Colt Woodsman clone in .22LR
NP-18, clone of FEG P9R

The Type 99 main battle tank
Type 63 Light Amphibious Tank
Type 99 MBT, a third generation main battle tank
WZ-523 Wheeled APC
Main Battle Tank 3000, a third generation main battle tank
HZ21 Fast Bridge mobile bridging system
VN-3, armored personnel carrier
VN-4, armored personnel carrier