Dokran Guided Mortar Munition

Dokran Guided Mortar Munition

IMI Systems developed a new and unique mortar munition of its kind in the world that is capable of pinpointing ground targets. The mortar shell suitable for any mortar with such caliber used the IDF and advanced armies in the world, including the Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Dokran mortar shell is guided by a GPS and inertial navigation systems and enables fighters to hit targets in an accuracy level of up to 10 meters from the target. The mortar meets the operational needs of the IDF as well as advanced armies around the world, which require accuracy, minimum collateral damage and precise and qualitative hitting of targets and infrastructures in open spaces, as well as in low intensity conflict in populated urban areas,.

The mortar precision provides infantry forces with the ability to hit qualitative targets in populated areas from a long distance, while ensuring the survivability and protection of the forces, minimizing the operational risk as well as obviating the need for complex and vulnerable “logistical tail” due to reducing the required amount of bombs (first shell hits the target). Thanks to its unique characteristics the mortar shell can reach a range of approximately 8 km and function in impact or airburst modes. The use of different warheads will enable handling a wide range of targets and threats such as enemy forces sheltering in buildings, extensive vegetation or armored vehicles.

Developed by IMI Systems, the new Dokran accurate 120 mm GMM GPS guided mortar munition allows to strike ground targets pointedly and enables tactical combat units, Special Forces and other units to hit qualitative targets from a long distance of up to 8 kilometers in an accuracy level of up to 10 meters, while minimizing the operational risk. The new Dokran joins the 120mm family which includes standard mortar munitions such as the M8713, M996 and M868.

Dokran Guided Mortar Munition

Dokran Guided Mortar Munition


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