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JAIS 4×4 MRAP Military Vehicle

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JAIS 4×4 MRAP Military Vehicle

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JAIS 4x4 MRAP Military Vehicle
JAIS 4x4 MRAP Military Vehicle

The JAIS Family of Vehicles brings together forty years of experience in protected optimized mobility. JAIS 4×4 MRAP Military Vehicle is the next generation of MRAP military vehicle, providing essential balance between firepower, survivability, but with mobility for modern, conventional and asymmetric operations. Crew survivability is centred around a battle-proven “crew citadel” protection system, protecting against mine, IED and ballistic threats. JAIS 4×4 MRAP Military Vehicle vehicle architecture supports multiple mission variants and equipment options, such as a full motorised infantry section, with a manned turret or remote weapon system. This 4×4 MRAP all-terrain vehicle also provides cost-effective solutions for recce, patrol, utility and specialist roles, such as the ambulance variant. The highly modular JAIS family of vehicles provide modern suspension and powertrain, high power to weight ratio and excellent situational awareness. The modular design employed in both the 4×4 and 6×6 ensures that all aspects of maintenance, servicing and repairs can easily be undertaken even in-the-field. With up to 90% commonality with the larger 6×6, the logistics footprint to support a diverse fleet is reduced thereby lowering total cost of owner-shop.

JAIS 4x4 MRAP Military Vehicle
JAIS 4×4 MRAP Military Vehicle

Standard Equipment
  • Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
  • Run flat inserts (RFI)
  • Recovery tools

Optional Equipment

  • Ride height adjustment
  • Winterisation kit
  • Fire suppression system
  • Health, usage and monitoring system
  • Various weapon systems
  • Self-recovery winch
  • C4I command & control
  • Electrical power management system
  • Situational awareness
  • Driver Aids
JAIS 6x6 MRAP Military Vehicle
JAIS 6×6 MRAP Military Vehicle

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