Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV)
Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV)

Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV)

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The Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV) may look like any other SUV out there, until the gunner pops through spring-loaded roof panels, revealing an armed M134D Gatling gun that can fire 3,000 rounds-per-minute. It’s primarily used to provide protection to VIPs and convoys on the move. This video shows how the Dillon Tactical Vehicle works and how effective it is. It takes about 5 seconds for someone to pop up with the gun and is mainly deployed as a tactical security vehicle.

Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV)

The Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV) offers exceptional VIP protection with CNC-machined, aerospace-grade components, including a concealed Dillon Aero M134D in the cabin. The incomparable design and exceptional efficiency of the CEV combine for a formidable defensive armament system. When the M134 is retracted, the vehicle is indistinguishable from other commercial automobiles. The system may be fully deployed in under three seconds, and fully concealed in less than eight seconds. A variety of optional equipment allows the CEV to be equipped for additional security and support missions. The Dillon Convoy Escort Vehicle delivers unparalleled covert threat mitigation.
Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV)

Weapon swivels 360° in both directions
Self-contained electronics system, including AC and DC charge dual battery system to provide backup power
Stowable gunner’s seat
Gun elevation +45° to -10°
Safety interlock system prevents inadvertent firing
Floor grating provides traction and allows spent casings to pass through
Safety switch eliminates power when stowed
Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV)

Major Components:
Base vehicles
– GMC Yukon
– Chevrolet Suburban
– Other vehicles available (special order)
Armament package
– M134D Minigun with 3,000-round magazine
– Retractable gun mount
– Turret, carrier, and armament system support cage
Options: Armor Level B6, Emergency vehicle equipment, Run-Flat Tires, Fuel tank protection, Suspension upgrade, Law enforcement strobe lights, Public address system/siren, Supercharger,Window tint, Additional magazine capacity (applies to limited platforms) andir-conditioning vent and control relocation for gunner (applies to limited platforms)
Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle (CEV)