Daegu-class Frigate

Daegu-class Frigate

The Daegu-class frigates are defence frigates of the Republic of Korea Navy. The Daegu-class is an improvement of the preceding Incheon-class frigate, and has otherwise been referred to an Incheon-class batch II, or FFX-II. 8 Daegu-class ships are planned, with the final goal of 20-22 frigates (of all types) in the ROKN. The Daegu-class vessels are to be built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME). The Daegu-class is a development of the Incheon-class frigate, with many similarities, and many improvements. The first two vessels of the class are built by DSME. South Korea’s DAPA placed an order with Hyundai Heavy & Industries (HHI) in December 2016 to build two Daegu-class FFX-II frigates ahead of schedule to support the ailing local shipbuilding industry. These two vessels will be the third and fourth in the series. The Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) commissioned its first of eight Daegu-class (FFX II) frigates, called the ROKS Daegu.

Daegu-class Frigate

Daegu-class Frigate

The Daegu-class Frigate (FFX-II) is the first South Korean warship to be fitted with DRS Hybrid Electric Drive system, coupled with Rolls-Royce MT-30 gas turbine engine for CODLAG integrated full-electric propulsion. Modifications to the Incheon-clas include a 16-cell Korean Vertical Launching System (K-VLS) that will be able to deploy the Cheolmae-2 air defense missile, Hong Sang Eo anti-submarine missile, and Haeseong-II and Hyunmoo-3 land attack cruise missiles. The Daegu-class Frigate can accommodate a 10-ton helicopter (FFX-I has hangar for lighter helicopters like AW159). This configuration is shared with the US Navy’s LCS and Zumwalt destroyers, as well as with the Royal Navy’s QE aircraft carriers and future Type 26 GCS. In terms of engine technology and acoustic reduction technology, this makes FFX-II one of the most advanced and ‘reduced accoustic signature’ ASW frigates among western navies.


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