BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

The BvS10 Goanna is an All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle that delivers balance between Army’s traditional requirements of mobility, protection and firepower,and the constraints of the Amphibious Deployment and Sustainment (ADAS) system. It is at home on water, land, or in the air. “Goanna’s” scalable and versatile configurations can adapt to Humanitarian Assistance or Disaster Relief (HADR) scenarios one day or combat operations the next. Its articulated steering, rubber tracks and low ground pressure provide greater route selection options to the beach and throughout the hinterlands. “Goanna’s” superior gap crossing agility reduces reliance on bulky and manpower intensive engineering support systems. Minimal preparation is required for “Goanna” to swim at 12 tonnes, and with additional floatation aids is capable of swimming at higher Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). “Goanna’s” light weight and small footprint deliver tactical and strategic mobility benefits. Its airmobile deployment off the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) flight deck means that ground forces can be lifted, connected and protected. Similarly, the first LHD surface assault wave can deep water launch or land a lifted, connected and protected company (+) in its four LCM-1E landing craft.

BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

The BvS10 Goanna inherent flexibility supports rapid mounting and dismounting of weapon systems on ship or in the field to the forward and rearcabs. Examples include: RCWS,.50 Cal, Swing Mounts, PWS, MAG 58, 12.7 HMG and 40mm grenade launcher. “Goanna” has proven solutions for 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar variants mounted on the flatbed rear cab. Mortar variants carry 140+ rounds for the 81mm, and 80-100 rounds for 120mm configurations. “Goanna” delivers greater operational flexibility and security to a landing force. Its scalable armour can be fitted on ship or in the field. Similarly, its superior agility to other wheeled vehicles or AFVs provide greater route selection options, thus increasing protection levels exponentially. At the basic level, ”Goanna’s” crew members are protected against small AP-mines. Protection levels can be enhanced with the addition of modular / scalable protection kits to protect against mine / IED threats, ballistic / fragment threats as well as CE-threats such as RPG. Standard protection systems include: High strength steel hull, Mine blast attenuating seats, Four point seat belts, V-Shaped Hull, Very low ground pressure and Foot rests.
BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

With a gross vehicle weight of up to 15 tonnes, “Goanna” delivers a payload of almost six tonnes. The vehicle is capable of carrying up to 12 personnel and their equipment – four in the front cab (including the driver) and eight in the rear cab. “Goanna” is also capable of towing an
additional three tonnes. “Goanna” variants and systems have been developed in close co-operation with our customers. Common front cabs and easily interchangeable rear cabs (less than 30 minutes) provide commanders with force configuration options tailored to any task. Such flexibility delivers additional benefits of lower cost of ownership and amphibious vehicle fleet rationalisation.
BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

BvS10 Goanna All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle


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