Mi-24PU-1 Attack Helicopter

Mi-24PU-1 Attack Helicopter

Mi-24PU-1 is a derivative of the Mi-24 helicopter, in which the 12.7 mm machine gun is replaced with a fixed NPU-30 30 mm cannon, mounted on the side. The programme, initiated back in 2008, has been realized by a variety of national and private Ukrainian companies, in cooperation with some western partners. Mi-24PU-1 variant shares a lot of features with the Mi-24G export version, however, most of the applied solutions have been developed locally.

Konotop-based Aviation Repair “Aviakon” works facility, specialized in overhauls and modernization of the helicopters, and in provision of support for the foreign operators, is the leader of the aforesaid initiative. This company has been involved – among other projects – in maintenance and overhauls for the Mi-24G (also known as Super-Hind Mk. 4) helicopters, developed in collaboration with the South African ATE company. These helicopters have been introduced into use by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.

Mi-24PU-1 Attack Helicopter

Mi-24PU-1 Attack Helicopter

Similarly as the Mi-24G helicopter, the Ukrainian Mi-24PU-1 is equipped with the modern Motor Sich TV3-117VMA-SBM1V-02 engines, with power output of 2500 HP. Not only do these engines increase the maximum take-off weight of the helicopter (almost 1000 kilograms of increase), they also make it possible to operate at altitudes exceeding 7 thousand meters. Application of these engines also increases the top speed of the helicopter, up to 312 kilometers per hour. It is worth to mention the fact, for the sake of comparison, that the operational ceiling of the AH-64 Apache helicopter is 6400 meters, while its top speed is 293 kilometers per hour.

To destroy the enemy Mi-24PU-1 is equipped with a super 30-mm automatic cannon, 80 mm unguided rockets, 250 kg free-falling bombs, laser guided Barier-V ATGM (7.5) and Stugna-P missiles (6.5 kilometres). The targeting system has also been significantly upgraded, since not only does it consist of the APS-17 WPM-W sight, as it also includes the Ukrainian Handron Adros FPM-1KB laser range-finder and target designator. The Handron company also equipped the Mi-24PU-1 helicopter with a self-defence suite, consisting of a flares dispenser and Andros KT-01 AWE jamming system.

Mi-24PU-1 Attack Helicopter

Mi-24PU-1 Attack Helicopter

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