K11 Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon

K11 Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon

The S&T Daewoo K11 DAW (Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon) is a multi-weapon resembling the earlier US Individual Objective Combat Weapon in concept, design and operation. It consists of two separate weapons combined into a single unit: a lower assault rifle chambered to fire 5.56×45mm NATO rounds and an upper 20×30mm (caliber of shell x length of propellent case) grenade launcher firing both conventional and air-bursting “smart” grenades, along with its integrated digital sighting unit. The K11 is proposed for infantry squad support role, multiplying soldiers capabilities to engage enemy personnel in defilade and soft-skinned vehicles and equipment, using 20mm air-burst grenades with pre-programmed fuse and 5.56mm ammunition for short- to medium range direct fire.

Equipped with a laser range-finder as well as a ballistics computer, the K11 allows the operator to quickly find the distance to a target and launch an airburst shell. The shell will then detonate a few meters away from the target.[13] An electronic scope is integrated on the K11; it can be linked to a goggle system with a digital display. The display can be used during nighttime with thermal imaging, and shows the range information from the laser range-finder. The weapon is compatible with standard 20- or 30-round 5.56×45mm NATO magazines, and can hold 6-round magazines of 20 mm shells at one time.

K11 Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon

K11 Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon

The fire selector position and layout is similar to the M16/M4 rifles’ selector, though some controls are different. It has four positions, three of which are: 9 o’clock for safe; 6 o’clock for three-round burst for the rifle; and 3 o’clock for semiautomatic fire for the rifle. Spent shells are ejected from the right of the weapon from the 2 o’clock position of the shooter for left-handed operation. The fourth selector position is at 12 o’clock and controls the grenade launcher, allowing bullets and grenades to be fired using the same trigger. Because of this they both cannot be available at the same time, although other rifle/grenade launcher combination weapons rarely need that capability.

There are two types of 20 mm grenade rounds for the K11; the K168 training round is for practice and has no explosives, while K167 explosive ammunition weighs 100 g (3.5 oz) and has an internal fuse with three selectable settings for point detonation, point detonation-delay, and airburst. The integrated weapon sight programs the airburst warheads after the laser rangefinder sights a target when the launcher is selected. The airburst setting detonates the grenade round in front of, over, or behind a target to hit troops in cover yielding an airburst effect capable of killing targets within a 6 m area and seriously wounding those within an 8 m area.

K11 Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon

K11 Dual-barrel Air-burst Weapon


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