Bangladesh Navy Anirban Trailer

Bangladesh Navy Anirban Trailer

The Bangladesh Navy (Bangladesh Nou Bahini) is the naval warfare branch of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, responsible for Bangladesh’s 118,813 square kilometres (45,874 sq mi) of maritime territorial area, and the defense of important harbors, military bases and economic zones. The primary role of Bangladesh Navy is to protect country’s economic and military interest at home and abroad. The Bangladesh navy is also a front line disaster management force in Bangladesh and humanitarian missions abroad. It is a key regional player in counter terrorism efforts and engages in global peacekeeping with the United Nations.

In 2009, the Bangladesh government adopted a long-term modernisation plan for its armed forces called Forces Goal 2030. Under this plan the navy gained importance due to the strategic importance of the Bay of Bengal and the possibility of getting large oil and gas deposits in the bay. As a result, several steps were taken to make the navy a three-dimensional deterrent force. As part of the modernisation plan, the BN procured two refurbished Type 053H2 (Jianghu III) frigates from China in 2014. Two United States Coast Guard High Endurance Cutters joined the BN in 2013 and 2015 which are being used as patrol frigates. Navy also bought an Ex-Royal Navy Roebuck-class survey vessel and two ex-Royal Navy Castle-class offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) which were converted to guided missile corvettes in 2011. Two Type 056 corvettes joined the BN in 2016 while two more were ordered in July 2015 and they are under construction. Two Durjoy-class large patrol craft (LPCs) were built in China and joined the BN in 2013. Two more ships of the same class with dedicated ASW capabilities were commissioned in 2017.

The Bangladesh Navy opened its aviation wing on 14 July 2011 with the induction of two AgustaWestland AW109 helicopters. Later on, two Dornier Do-228NG MPA were introduced in 2013. To attain underwater operational capabilities, the Bangladesh Navy inducted two off-the-shelf Type 035G (Ming class) submarines from China on 12 March 2017. A new base for the Bangladesh Navy, named BNS Sher-e-Bangla, is being constructed at Rabanabad in Patuakhali. It will be the largest naval base of the Bangladesh Navy with submarine berthing and aviation facilities. Meanwhile, a separate submarine base, named BNS Sheikh Hasina, is under construction at Pekua in Cox’s Bazar.

Bangladesh Navy Anirban Trailer

Bangladesh Navy Anirban Trailer


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