Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

Tatra 815-7 is a heavy army logistics vehicle made by the Czech company Tatra produced since 2008, with axle variations of 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 10×10. Chassis variants 10×8, 12×12 and 12×8 are also available. Tatra knew the exceptional qualities of its T-815 chassis, but to be among the top of the army vehicle manufacturers, it was decided to develop a new vehicle that would be transportable by the most widespread NATO transport aircraft C-130 Hercules. Tatra took the engines and transmissions of the 815-6 model, the chassis T-815 has been modified and a completely new cab has been developed, it is lower, more durable and easy to armor.

Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

A standardized range of special vehicles complying with all requirements from special military forces such as the ability to be transported by standard NATO C-130 Hercules aircraft, the possibility of additional armor according to STANAG, the use of an overpressure NBC protection kit, the possibility of mounting a gun carriage system, etc. The chassis is based on the TATRA vehicle design. All axles are suspended by rubber air bellows placed under the frame. For the rear axles, the King Frame combined suspension system can also be used.
Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

Vehicles are equipped with a low cab. Engines available are of TATRA design, these are directly air-cooled engines, or they are made by other manufacturers abroad. In this case, they are liquid-cooled. As for transmissions, they can be manual (TATRA), or automatic (Allison or Twin Disc). The TATRA transmission unit can be equipped, upon request, with the TATRA-Norgren electronic gear shifting system. The T 815-7 range includes model versions ranging from 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 up to 10×10 with AWD. These vehicles are primarily intended for the military segment; thanks to their low height and compactness, however, they are also widely used in the civilian sector – mobile cranes, fire trucks with ladders and rescue vehicles.
Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

Tatra 815-7 Heavy truck

Tatra 815-7 serves in the Army of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Armed Forces. On the chassis of the Tatra 815-7 were built several armored transporters, such as the Czech VEGA 4×4, the Egyptian Fahd 300, the French Nexter Titus, the Israeli Wildcat APC, the Jordanian Al-Wahsh, the Nigerian Ara and the United Arab Emirates Legion. Tatra 815-7 is also used in the civilian sector, as a mobile cranes and a fire trucks.


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