BvS 10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle

BvS 10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle

BvS 10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle

The BvS 10 (Bandvagn 10) is an All Terrain Armoured Vehicle produced by BAE Systems Land Systems Hägglunds of Sweden and under license by FNSS of Turkey. This vehicle, referred to as the All Terrain Vehicle (protected) ATV(P) or Viking by the UK forces, was originally developed as a collaboration between industry Hägglunds Vehicle AB and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) on behalf of the Royal Marines. The BvS10 is an armoured, articulated vehicle that is designed to provide total operational support where other vehicles cannot. The family of BvS10 variants are all capable of rapidly traversing terrain that would hinder other all terrain vehicles. The BvS10 can operate in the toughest environments and terrain, to include mountains and snow, and has an amphibious swimming capability.
BvS 10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle

BvS 10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle

The BvS 10 is similar to, but distinct from, the Bv 206 or Bv 206S. It is a much larger and fully amphibious armoured vehicle based upon the characteristic twin-cab, articulated steering system typical of Hägglunds all-terrain vehicles. The main differences from the older Bv206s are a more powerful Cummins 5.9 litre diesel engine, improved ground clearance, and newly developed chassis, power train and steering units that give the vehicle considerably enhanced speed (from previous 51.5 km/h on road) and comfort on road and in terrain, as well as greater load-carrying capability (up to 5 tons), and the ability to add various modular sub-systems such as add-on armour, weapon mounts, a load-changer and cargo platforms.

BvS 10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle

BvS 10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle

Adaptable to a wide range of functions, the BvS10 can be integrated with weapons ranging from 5.56mm to 12.7mm, as well as a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The BvS10 has a high power capacity to allow the integration of electronic Command & Control systems. It has been tested to meet all common electromagnetic compatibility standards. For optimum security, the BvS10 offers protection against ballistics and anti-tank mines, while smoke grenade launchers provide additional protection.


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