Bofors LEMUR Remote controlled weapon station

Bofors LEMUR Remote controlled weapon station

Bofors LEMUR Remote controlled weapon station

The Bofors (BAE Systems) LEMUR with its high performance stabilized fragmentprotected, integrated fire control system and high sighting/firing accuracy is a very effective system with high first round hit probability. This Remotely Controlled (RC) weapon systems, manufactured by Bofors Defence AB, is gyro-stabilized, with a thermal sight, and can be equipped with a cal .50 heavy machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher and with optional launchers for counter measures. The Lemur can be coupled to the Pilar(w) microphone array. This is a shot detection system plugged into the fire control system and can, in automatic mode, override the gunner to point him to the approximate source of incoming fire.
Bofors LEMUR Remote controlled weapon station

Bofors LEMUR Remote controlled weapon station

The accuracy and low dispersion minimize the collateral damage and it also minimizes the use of ammunition. As an panoramic platform LEMUR can be fitted with various types of sensors, such as CCD camera, thermal imager, laser rangefinder, laser designator and missile sight. The sensor configuration depends on the use and customer’s requirements. The armoured cover protects against fragments and small-arms fire. The system is designed for both land and naval applications and for all climate zones, operational in the temperature range of -40°C to +71°C with the sensor configuration dependent on the intended use and customer’s requirements. Currently, the ASLAV-PC, Bushmaster, Cougar 6×6 MRAP, Eagle IV, GTK Boxer APC, M-113G3, MAN SX45 , Piranha IIIC, Wisent AEV, and Wisent ARV vehicles may be equipped with Lemur.


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