Saab DCIS solutions – Deployable communication at a mobile airbase

Saab DCIS solutions – Deployable communication at a mobile airbase

Saab DCIS solutions – Deployable communication at a mobile airbase

Deployable communication and information system(DCIS) provides a modular and flexible communication infrastructure for rapidly deployed expeditionary operations.
The infrastructure will be able to grow from an initial ad hoc installation with a two hour setup time to a full blown DCIS HQ solution utilizing a wide range of modules and shelters, such as:
Command and control
C2IS on operational and tactical level
Tactical Radio Capabilities
Cross technology VoIP dispatcher for Radio and Telephony incl. Red/Black separation
Internet Access
Access to civilian international TV/Radio news networks
Air Traffic Management
Mobile Tower and Approach shelter
Air Traffic Control system
Meteorology system
Approach and Landing Radar
Landing Lights
Intelligence cell
Sensor Information Analysis Systems
Air Combat Management
C2 systems
Mission support systems
Tactical Data Links
Secure Voice
Long Range Search and Surveillance Radar

The basic DCIS setup will enable you to setup working communications within 2 hours of initial landing. Allowing your forces a basic infrastructure necessary to facilitate their operations during first deployment and reconnaissance missions.Includes the different radio equipment needed to facilitate operations. Covering all radio frequencies and bands – both voice and data. The core module which houses the main C2IS services, telephony services and TactiCall services. The Portable C2 Module is the interconnection point where the end user equipment is connected. The Generator Module is mainly designed to give power to the Portable modules. It can be interconnected to provide redundancy. The setup is easy to grow into larger setups as soon as required.


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