Austal Launches First Guardian Class Patrol Boat

Austal Launches First Guardian Class Patrol Boat

This video shows the transportation of the first of class Guardian Class Patrol Boat from Austal’s Pacific Patrol Boat facility in Naval Base Western Australia to the its launch site in Henderson on 26-28 May 2018. The Guardian class patrol boats are a class of small patrol vessels designed and built in Australia for small Pacific Ocean countries. They were designed to use commercial off the shelf components, to make them easier to maintain for the small nations that would operate them. The first vessel is scheduled for delivery to Papua New Guinea in late October 2018.

The Guardian Class Patrol Boat (GCPB), contracted under the Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement (PPBR) program is part of the Commonwealth’s Pacific Maritime Security Program (PMSP) that aims to enhance practical maritime security cooperation across the South Pacific. The PPBR program includes 21 steel hulled Guardian Class Patrol Boats (GCPBs) for delivery to up to 13 Pacific Island nations from late 2018. Australia stood ready to help with training and maintenance, during the duration of the program, because Australia’s external security issues were eased if it could count on its sovereign neighbours having resources to police their own external security.

Austal Launches First Guardian Class Patrol Boat

Austal Launches First Guardian Class Patrol Boat

The all new GCPB is based on Austal’s proven patrol boat design platform and is 39.5 metres long with a beam of 8 metres and a loaded draft of 2.5 metres. It is capable of traveling at 20 knots and at 12 knots possesses a 3,000 nautical mile range. They have a stern launching ramp for a pursuit boat. Austal deliver the vessels without armament, but they were designed to be capable of mounting an autocannon of up to 30 millimetres (1.2 in) on their foredeck, and a heavy machine gun on either side of their bridge. The vessels twin diesel engines can provide 4,000 kilowatts (5,400 shp). Sophisticated electronic engine controls will help conserve fuel. This boat designed to berth a complement of 23 crew members. One of the main deck staterooms, a stateroom with two bunks, is equipped with separate ventilation, so it can be used as an infirmary for infectious patients.

Austal is an Australian shipbuilder and global defence prime contractor which designs constructs and sustains some of the world’s most advanced commercial and defence vessels. Austal successfully balances commercial and defence projects and celebrates 30 years of success in 2018. Austal has designed, constructed and delivered more than 300 commercial and defence vessels for more than 100 operators in 54 countries worldwide. Austal is Australia’s largest defence exporter and the only ASX-listed shipbuilder. Austal has industry leading shipyards in Australia, the United States of America and Philippines and service centres worldwide. Austal delivers iconic monohull, catamaran and trimaran commercial vessel platforms – including the world’s largest trimaran ferry and multiple defence programs such as the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) for the United States Navy. Austal has grown to become the world’s largest aluminium shipbuilder.

Austal Launches First Guardian Class Patrol Boat

Austal Launches First Guardian Class Patrol Boat

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