Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

The 3rd annual installment of the SETC is underway now (June 2018) with 8 countries competing this year. SETC-18 countries include: Austria – Leopard 2A4, France – AMX Leclerc, Germany – Leopard 2A6, Poland – Leopard 2A5, Sweden – Stridsvagn 122, Ukraine – T-84 Oplot, United Kingdom – Challenger 2, and United States – M1A2 SEP v2. Past winners are: Germany in 2016 and Austria in 2017.
The Strong Europe Tank Challenge (SETC) is an annual, multinational tank platoon competition held since 2016 at Grafenwöhr Training Area in Germany and hosted by the U.S. Army Europe and the German Army. Crews from NATO and non-NATO partners compete in defensive/offensive mounted and dismounted operations.

Film Credits: U.S. Army Video by Kevin S. Abel, Christoph Koppers, SPC Emily Houdershieldt, Christian Marquardt, Markus Rauchenberger

Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018


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