French Army AMX 30 B2 DT Mine clearing vehicle

The AMX30 B2 DT is the latest generation mine clearance tank. When based on an AMX-30 B MBT chassis it is called the AMX-30 B2 DT, when based on the more recent AMX-30 B2 MBT chassis it is called the AMX-30 B2 DT, with the DT standing for Demineur Tank (Mine Clearing Tank). The vehicle is based on a standard AMX-30 B or AMX-30 B2 MBT chassis with the 105 mm main armament and secondary armament removed and the position plated over.
It opens a breach and marks out a minefield, without risking human life thanks to its remote steering and control functions. All types of mines are cleared (dispersed or buried) thanks to the complementarities of the mine clearance tools (Ramta mine plough, Urdan roller, DEDALE magnetic signal duplicator, marking system). Mounted at the front of the hull is an Israeli RAMTA or UK Pearson Engineering plough type mine clearing system and a Giat Industries magnetic field generator. Mounted on either side of the hull rear is a Pearson Engineering Pathfinder marking system which dispenses marker poles into the ground as the system moves forward. As an alternative to mineclearing devices of the plough type it can also be fitted with roller-type mineclearing devices, for example those developed by Urdan Industries of Israel.
Dynamic control thanks to extremely reduced response times. The initial vehicle functions (manual mine clearance and control) remain available. One section comprising an air-conditioned remote operations VAB and 3 mine clearance tanks with mine clearance up to a depth of 30 cm, remote control distance up to 2000 m. The following mine clearance tools may be ordered: mine plough / rollers / magnetic field generator / markers 4 cameras per vehicle.

French Army AMX 30 B2 DT Mine clearing vehicle

French Army AMX 30 B2 DT Mine clearing vehicle

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